Why Rider Tandie Bailey was Drawn to Mountain Biking in Northwest Arkansas | Outside Online

Well look who made Outside Online Magazine, Arkansas's own Tandie Bailey. Check out the video at the link below for something really inspiring. This was shown at the IMBA World Summit in November. There was a moment when everyone in the room cringed, see if you can spot it. The mountain biking community in Bentonville is stellar and growing quickly. Within that community is a rad rider named … [Read more...]

Atalanta, from Greece to Rogers

He looked up from his laptop and said "There's a duathlon at Lake Atalanta the day after the Styx N Stones trail race." My immediate response was "On or off-road?" "There's a choice" he said, "you can do either." This is intriguing. My first experience with Lake Atalanta was a couple of years ago when I was in search of a morning run route before heading over to the State Championship … [Read more...]

Mud, Muck and Mayhem at…

...the 24th Annual Northwest Arkansas Mountain Bike Championships. When people visit Devil's Den State Park, most think of three eras of history, the geologic history that created such a unique place with boulders the size of houses scattered around, the early American history with tales of outlaw hideouts in the caves in the area or the park history of the Civilian Conservation Corps … [Read more...]

24th Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival

A little over 24 years ago a couple of park people from Devil's Den State Park went out west to check out this mountain biking thing they had heard about. After getting back to the park they created one of the first mountain biking events in the state, the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival at Devil's Den State Park. Those staff members are still around and the Festival lives on, although it's a bit … [Read more...]

24th Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival

The oldest, ongoing  mountain bike event in Arkansas has reached 24 years old.  The Ozark Mountain Bike Festival is held annually at Devil's Den State Park in Northwest Arkansas. Unlike many other mountain biking events, this one is not centered around racing but more around the fun of riding a mountain bike. Full of introductory and intermediate workshops, fun rides and kids events, the festival … [Read more...]

Fossil Flats Trail Repaired and Reopened!

The folks at Devil's Den State Park shared these photos of the work that has been done on the Fossil Flats Trail since the floods last spring wiped out a lot of it. They hired Progressive Trail Design to help with the effort and things are looking pretty good. The only thing missing from these photos are riders. When are you going? [slideshow] … [Read more...]