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Trail runs give you wings.

It Takes a Village

The Arkansas Trail Run Series isn’t new, I think this is my third year of participation, but it needs to grow. And to grow  the word needs to spread so

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"If you're a strong swimmer, the middle of the front is a good idea, if you're not a strong swimmer, the middle of the front is a bad idea." - Fred Phillips

The Dirty Tri

As the racers entered the water they were reminded how lucky they were. “Two months ago it was 110 degrees for a triathlon here, today it’s only 55 degrees, exactly

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The basic concept.

Mad Dogs and Triathletes

Although a lot of racing in Arkansas slows down a bit in the steam of August, there are some intrepid competitors not afraid to wade through the thick air of

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2013 DeGray Trail Run

The early morning was gray and foggy as we took the ramp on I-30 west heading to Arkadelphia  for the DeGray Lake Trail Run. The clouds were gathering, blocking out

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The Community Bicyclist

Riverside Classic XC Race 2012

Ahhhhhh….late July in Arkansas…steamy. But that didn’t stop the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series from rolling into North Little Rock this weekend. The Riverside Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, sponsored by

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