The Definitive Guide to Endurance Training—for Your Dog | Outside Online

Do it right and you'll have a great running companion for years. Some things to remember: Dogs must remain on leash in state parks, Camp Robinson Trails in North Little Rock are great for dogs, Be aware of hunting seasons when letting your dog off leash, Make sure your dog is "public-trained" when letting them roam in areas with other dogs and people. Also, keep an eye on their … [Read more...]

Winter Hikes

Every once in a while, someone will ask "what's your favorite time of year to hike?".  I know most people would answer autumn, for the fall colors. A few would say spring for the greening of the hills and meadows. My favorite time of year to hike is winter. Those who say that the desolation of a winter forest isn't pretty are entitled to keep that opinion, but I find beauty in the blankness of the … [Read more...]

Ode to the Dogs in Friendship, Arkansas

Now, Texas dogs will cut down a 20 mph cyclist like an antelope. Yessir. Lusting for the hyper-oxygenated blood from an engorged calf those Texas dogs calculate the angle like a blue-chip defensive back under the Friday Night Lights and they’ll come after you. And if they can catch you, they’ll eat you down to your teeth, hair and eyeballs and floss their teeth with the sweaty lycra you … [Read more...]

Staying Close on Christmas

With plans for extended  family gatherings on Christmas day, Lisa and I decided to keep our traditional Christmas Day Hike close to home. It's often hard to find a trail nearby that we haven't already walked or ridden too many times to count.  The lucky thing for us is that there are a lot of places in Central Arkansas where you can suddenly feel like you've gotten away from it all, even just a … [Read more...]

Alternatives and Traditions

We have a few traditions around our household. Most are in some way wrapped around Halloween, we are a little obsessed with the heinous day. Another tradition is the Christmas Day Hike. There is something calming about getting out of the house on Christmas morning and entering the woods. We've begun including the dogs on recent trips, I think they enjoy the escape as much as we do. Our plan … [Read more...]

Rocktown Trackdown

Results! Sundays are the perfect days to sleep in and enjoy the paper with a cup of coffee, maybe a few cups of coffee. We could  even catch up on all the shows we DVRd during the week that we haven't had time to watch. Right? Of course not! We've been covering a lot of running and cycling events on the weekends. There is no shortage of opportunity for organized events this time of year. This … [Read more...]

Trail Dogs

I'm trying to train our dog to run with me (she's trying to train me to run more). So far she thinks that we are playing for the first quarter mile or so, tugging on the leash, running back and forth in front of me and sniffing at every drain, tree, hydrant and sign post we come to. Eventually she calms down and gets into a steady pace. We still have work to do but she's getting better. We have … [Read more...]

Can You See Me Now?

Daylight savings time ended this past weekend and on the first workday post Fall-Back, I encountered no less than 3 runners out at or after sunset with no reflective gear. I know, it's tough enough to get home from a long day at work only to pull on your running shoes and hit the door again. But since you care enough about your health to keep your body in peak physical condition, wouldn't you like … [Read more...]