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Angry Dave's

Winter Hikes

Every once in a while, someone will ask “what’s your favorite time of year to hike?”.  I know most people would answer autumn, for the fall colors. A few would

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The Community Bicyclist

Staying Close on Christmas

With plans for extended  family gatherings on Christmas day, Lisa and I decided to keep our traditional Christmas Day Hike close to home. It’s often hard to find a trail

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Not sure how to interpret this. Any ideas?

Alternatives and Traditions

We have a few traditions around our household. Most are in some way wrapped around Halloween, we are a little obsessed with the heinous day. Another tradition is the Christmas

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Searcy County Ad
Runners and cyclists working together, it's a beautiful world.

Rocktown Trackdown

Results! Sundays are the perfect days to sleep in and enjoy the paper with a cup of coffee, maybe a few cups of coffee. We could  even catch up on

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Trail Dogs

I’m trying to train our dog to run with me (she’s trying to train me to run more). So far she thinks that we are playing for the first quarter

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Can You See Me Now?

Daylight savings time ended this past weekend and on the first workday post Fall-Back, I encountered no less than 3 runners out at or after sunset with no reflective gear.

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