Bicycling Provides $137 Million in Economic Benefits to Northwest Arkansas | The Walton Family Foundation

We have been anticipating the release of an economic impact study on the effects of bicycling on Northwest Arkansas. The results are impressive. This is an overview article with links to the actual reports that were done by People for Bikes and other firms. Also, take a look at the slides at the end of this article for quick reference. With an increasing number of locals and tourists taking … [Read more...]

At Cuyuna, MTB Trails Revitalize ‘Forgotten Region’ – GearJunkie

I recently visited Oak Ridge, Oregon where they had a similar situation. The timber industry had moved out and the town was looking for a way to revitalize itself. Mountain Biking was also their answer and I can't wait to go back. I can think of some great places to do this in Arkansas, in fact, it may be already happening, but that is for another time. In northern Minnesota, a small town … [Read more...]

Follow up on the 2012 Little Rock Marathon

Most of the results are in, although those numbers are a small part of what the Little Rock Marathon or any other race like this represents. The race is the culmination of all the training and sacrifice made by the participants and organizers. Many stories have been published by various media outlets in the area about the training programs, the predicted number of participants and then finally, … [Read more...]