The IMBA Model Trails Program Evolves

As many of our readers know, Arkansas is home to five International Mountain Bicycling Association EPIC Trails, Womble, Syllamo, LOViT, Upper Buffalo, and Ouachita National Recreation Trail. This currently places us tied for second in the country for total number of Epics, Colorado also has five and California has seven. We also have three IMBA Ride Centers, Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Hot … [Read more...]

Hello Old Friend – Back to the Womble

Mountain biking has exploded across the state with lots of new trails opening in every region of Arkansas. Not only are the trails new, the design of the trails and techniques to build them have changed. Many of the trails that we first rolled our bikes on were actually preexisting hiking trails. As the needs of mountain bikers grew, lovers of the sport began working with land managers and … [Read more...]

A Little Recognition Feels Good But…..

...sometimes it means so much more. Every year the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)  looks over applications and makes site visits to trails and communities around the world; I refer to this as the best job in the world. They do this to highlight the best trail systems and places to ride mountain bikes. Most of the general public, even many mountain bikers, are not familiar … [Read more...]

Challenges of Epic Proportions (Part 1)

Being a race organizer is a tough thing; dealing with permitting, aid station logistics, publicity, sponsors and volunteers. This past weekend Sarah and Frank Webber pulled off all of that and a little extra...okay, a whole lot extra, with the Mountain View Epic. For their first time directing a large, regional event, they challenged themselves with holding a mountain bike race on one of the most … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Blessed

Around mile 10 of the Little Rock Marathon, my running partner Ashley and I found ourselves running toward an Episcopal church where the priest was blessing runners as they passed by. Ashley turned to me and asked if I thought it would be sacrilegious to be blessed during the marathon. Of course not! A) the priest is there because he believes it is a service to the runners and B) it's 36 degrees, … [Read more...]

In The Books – 2013 Arkansas Mountain Bike Marathon Series

It's hard to let go when the final race of a series is over, when the points have been tallied and the winners can celebrate. For others, the thoughts often turn to "If there was just one more race, I could have pulled it together." For mountain bikers, the Arkansas Mountain Bike Marathon Series has its own extra challenges. The Spa City 6-Hour at Cedar Glades Park near Hot Springs is the … [Read more...]

The Epic Ride was…well, Epic

The Epic ride from Bentonville to Missouri is aptly named. Portions of the 35-mile loop present challenges to even the most experienced riders, while Mother Nature almost always does her part to give the ride more "personality." Take, for example, the New Year's Day Epic ride this year. Riders braved freezing temperatures with a constant downpour of sleet and snow to finish the loop. Many of … [Read more...]

Can an Epic become more Epic?

It can if it joins forces with other epics. Last October we headed down to DeGray Lake to cover an XTERRA triathlon organized by DLT Event Management. An XTERRA is an event similar to a regular triathlon except instead of the cycling and running being done on the road, they are done on dirt trails, in this case the Iron Mountain Trails near the DeGray Lake Dam. Starting at the Iron Mountain … [Read more...]

Tri it in the Dirt

We've covered a few triathlons this year and part of an XTERRA during DeGray TriFest Weekend but this past weekend we were able to enjoy a couple of grueling XTERRA's at DeGray Lake from start to finish. What is an XTERRA? Besides being a popular style of Nissan SUV, first and foremost it is a style of triathlon. Started in 1995 , the XTERRA incorporates the same basic disciplines as a regular … [Read more...]