12th Annual OORC Buffalo Headwaters Challenge (2017) – Our World Awaits Adventures & Gear Reviews

Check out this wonderful article on the 12th Annual OORC Buffalo Headwaters Challenge. It was another great event. This is the 12th Annual OORC Buffalo Headwaters Challenge, which has been a continually growing gathering of fellow riders that come out of their cold shells to shake the winter blues. Fortunately, Arkansas weather is wacky and sometimes delivers us decent temperatures. This … [Read more...]

Getting Techie Outdoors

There you are on the trail, you've been moving along for the last hour not really paying attention to several different intersections along the way. You've taken the path you felt was right in your heart. Now that you've stopped for some water and some nourishment you realize, you have no idea where you are. So you pull out your trusty phone only to see that the Google map says that you are in the … [Read more...]

2012 ARTS (ARkansas Trail Series)

I've said it before, for me running trails is so much more enjoyable than running on the road. It's not necessarily the scenery or diversity, it's something in my head. As best as I can figure it has to do with precise foot placement to keep myself from going face-first in the dirt. Much like mountain biking, when I'm on the trail with it's rocks, roots, stream crossings and critters, I have to be … [Read more...]

It’s Almost Resolution Time

Most New Year's resolutions involve things like getting in shape or visiting new places or even spending more time outside. This year Arkansas State Parks is helping with those goals. They are hosting a "First Day Hike" program in many of the parks on New Year's Day. Here is a portion of the news release they sent out: Arkansas State Parks Joins This Nationwide Invitation to Begin the New Year … [Read more...]

2011 Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race, Little Rock, Arkansas

Temperatures in the 50's (Fahrenheit), steady rain for the past 12 hours, a hilly, muddy course....perfect for a day of cyclocross!  I roll up to the race area at Boyle Park in Little Rock. It was raining and showed no signs of letting up. I was wondering if we would have many racers for this one. They showed. Cyclocross racers are a hardy bunch who seem to thrive on weather that others would … [Read more...]

2011 Jingle Bell Run (Little Rock)

I'm not sure but I may have just witnessed the first race to utilize the Clinton Library Bridge, The 2011 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for the Arthritis Foundation. The weather was beautiful, the crowd was festive and it looked like everyone was having a great time. The run took competitors, and non-competitors from the Clinton Library over the Broadway Bridge and then to the Clinton Library Bridge and … [Read more...]

If you can’t decide…

...do it all. I really enjoy cycling, but I also enjoy swimming (the "sport" of my youth) and hiking and orienteering and paddling and sometimes even running. I also enjoy competition so how do I choose what kind of event to focus on? Well, luckily, I don't have to. Arkansas is a wonderful place to participate in multi-sport competitions. The obvious multi-sport event is the triathlon. Varying … [Read more...]

Jingle all the way

Time for Jingle Bell runs, Yule runs, Santa runs, etc. This is what we have so far, let us know of any we left out: December 3rd, 2011 Farmers Bank 5K Yule Run - Greenwood, AR - Race Start 9 am. Speedy Santa 5k - Benton, AR - Race Start 8:30 am. Jingle Bell Run/Walk - Little Rock, AR - Race Start 11:00 am. Young Jingle Jacket Jog 5k and Family Fun Run - Springdale, AR - Race Start 6 … [Read more...]

The weather in Arkansas is always perfect for something.

I ventured out this morning into the cold, wet day to check out another form of bike racing. I've seen photos and video of these kinds of races, I've seen the special bikes on display at the local bike shops but I'd never actually been to a race. I have really been missing some cool stuff and great camaraderie among cyclists. I'm not going to go into the history of cyclocross here (this is a fun … [Read more...]


A great turnout Wednesday night for the Arkansas premier of BÖIKZMÖIND. We had about 50 people show up on a cold wet night at the Capital Hotel in Little Rock to view the 30 minute documentary.  Many attendees were regulars from Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas and the Arkansas Bicycle Club which made it a wonderfully informal event. I'd like to thank Chainwheel and Spokes Little Rock for … [Read more...]