Arkansas Mountain Bike Trail Conditions

For mountain bikers and other trail users, the thought of heading out to the trails when they are in bad shape or temporarily closed or in a fragile state sends them racing for the internet to find answers to the question, How are the Trails? Recent rains or freeze/thaw cycles can leave trails a mess, windstorms including straight-line winds and tornados can totally trash the trail. So where is … [Read more...]

Connecting with Arkansas Mountain Bikers

Whether you are coming for a visit, just passing through or considering moving to The Natural State, it's important to make connections with people who share your interests. If you are a mountain biker, it becomes even more important. You want to find that hidden trail, the best route on an epic trail and some friends to share recovery beverages with after the ride. Trails: Lake … [Read more...]

Welcome! Let us give you a Tour

Wow! Between our coverage of the Capital City Classic 10K Run and the Ouachita Challenge Marathon Mountain Bike Race this weekend, it seems we've picked up a lot of new friends at Arkansas Outside. We'd like to take a second and show you around. First off, what the heck are we doing? We developed Arkansas Outside back in 2011 as a way to promote and document some of the crazy fun we have while … [Read more...]

Reaching out to you

We make it easy to stay in touch with the Outdoors at You could be planning a trip, preparing for a race (or series of races) or you could just need a little escape in the middle of a workday. Whatever your reason, you can keep up in many ways. Get involved with us also, let us know about races we don't have on the calendar, tell us about your trip or race. You can even write … [Read more...]

Giving you more stuff…

We wanted to give outdoor participants a little something extra and came up with an idea. When we are covering a race or other outdoor event we sometimes go all camera happy, sometimes taking hundreds of photos. We only use a few for our articles and so we have created some rather large libraries of photos. Not all are gems but they may be worth something to the participants. They are great for … [Read more...]