Staying Chill for Five Years

Fayettechill is proud to be celebrating its Five Year Anniversary as a business. What started as a small business between friends in college has quickly grown into a very real outdoor community open to all who are moved and motivated by nature. Fayettechill was founded in Fayetteville, AR where it is headquartered in the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse at the base of Mt. Kessler. Between its homes in … [Read more...]

The Journeyman – An Ozark Design

Fayettechill, an outdoor lifestyle clothing brand, has been a supporter of Arkansas Outside since the early days. Since its beginnings as t-shirt company started in a dorm room at the University of Arkansas, Fayettechill has grown to a multi-million dollar outdoor lifestyle clothing company with over 50 retailers in 12 states. Fayettechill was originally conceived to be a culture brand that … [Read more...]

End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival

Fayettechill announces the End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival, August 22-24. End of Summer Daze was created out of love for the Ozark outdoor community. Fayettechill aims to create and share experiences for all that want to enjoy the Ozarks, so we created a 3­day camping festival to make sure everyone has the chance to make the most out of their final Summer days. The purpose of this … [Read more...]

A Trail Community

Years ago I decided to purchase a kayak. I had been a canoe guy for most of my life but was drawn to the much more comfortable seating of a kayak. I also liked the ease of control that a single paddler could enjoy. A recreational kayak was a lot like riding a bike. I could go as fast as I was physically capable or slow to enjoy moment. I could go any way that I wanted. I could explore via my own … [Read more...]

It’s our first contest!

Arkansas Outside has partnered with Fayettechill Clothing Company to offer our first ever contest. And this is an easy one to enter. For the rest of August all you have to do is got to the Fayettechill website and pick out your favorite piece of clothing, grab the link/url thingy up in the address bar and paste it in a comment to this post. At the end of August we will have a drawing for $60 … [Read more...]