It’s Festival Time in Northwest Arkansas

Arkansans do love our festivals. We have festivals to celebrate our tasty foods like watermelons, tomatoes, beans, rice, wine, chili and of course barbecue, our wildlife including ducks, butterflies, eagles, bass and catfish and our beautiful music, bluegrass, folk, rockabilly and the blues. Whether we're celebrating a season, a place or a history, Arkansas does know how to throw a … [Read more...]

The Silver Anniversary of Arkansas Mountain Biking

On July 24, 1988, Devil's Den State Park Superintendent Wally Scherrey, drafted a letter to Don Ross, Regional Park Manager, requesting that he and Tim Scott, Devil's Den Park Interpreter, be authorized for out-of-state travel. They got lucky and so did we. At the time the parks were severely underfunded and travel was kept to a bare minimum, going to another state was pretty much out of the … [Read more...]

Arkansas Outdoor Activities for this Weekend Oct. 15-16 2011

A new feature that will become more timely soon. We have a lot going on outdoors in the Natural State every weekend. We at Arkansas Outside want to help you find those great things to do. So we will soon start publishing a list of things we found that involve outdoor activities for the coming weekend. We expect to start doing this a little earlier in the week but we just came up with this idea and … [Read more...]