Ten of the Best Places to Paddle on National Forests – National Forest Foundation

You would expect the nations first National River to show up on the list of the ten best places to paddle. In 2013, we posted a blog called “14 Best Places to Canoe and Kayak on National Forests.” Two years later, it’s still one of our most popular blogs. We thought we should add a few gems we missed and highlight some of the other best places to paddle on our National Forests. Source: Ten of … [Read more...]

Weekend Plans: Buffalo River Bronze Backs | Kayak Angler Magazine | Rapid Media

Looks like they are finding out about us. Great article from Kayak Angler Magazine: Stunning limestone bluffs separate the river from the sky. The crystal clear stream is full of wild fish that fight like demons. I feel like I’m in a beer commercial on a high-mountain stream, but I’m fishing the Buffalo National River near St. Joe, Arkansas. Spend the day floating the Buffalo and you’ll … [Read more...]

Floating in the Drought

Much of Arkansas is currently under sever/extreme drought conditions. It hasn't rain much here all summer. Every time we get a few drops Facebook lights up with tongue-in-cheek questions about what is falling from the sky. If you are a kayaker, it's been a disappointing Summer for floating. Or has it? We've been wanting to do some floating this summer and to hear much of the media talk, … [Read more...]

Camping trip to the Foothills of the Ozarks – Pt. 1

Spring break came around for the young one so we decided to take a trip. We've camped all over the state and wanted to try a new area. We had two nights before we need to attend to other commitments. One place that I had always wanted to take the family was an area in Northeast Arkansas they had never been to. Just south of Pocahontas, Arkansas are three Arkansas State Parks all within about 15 … [Read more...]

Fall Photos….found

I just came across some photos I had forgotten about. Last fall I went to Blanchard Springs near Mountain View, AR with the Chief Tourism Photographer, Chuck Haralson. We did Some photography at the Ozark Folk Center State Park and got a chance to be among the first to try the Loco Ropes high ropes course. The next morning we took the opportunity to head up to Blanchard Springs and Mirror Lake and … [Read more...]

A Grand Camping Trip to East Arkansas

Too many things to do, not enough weekend! This means I had to take a day off and I chose Friday.  This past weekend Lisa and I headed to Eastern Arkansas, the Crowley's Ridge area to be exact. for an adventure race at Village Creek State Park.  The race will be a separate topic But suffice it to say it took up most of our Saturday. So here was the plan: Take the young one on Friday to … [Read more...]

Upcoming Outdoor Stuff

Looks like another great weekend of outdoor stuff to do in Arkansas.  Here is a quick rundown: www.PaddleArkansas.com - This is the first canoe and kayak race through downtown Little Rock, AR. The 7 mile race will feature prizes for all boat groups. This race draws some of the fastest paddlers in the country and some of the slowest too. The race is designed to bring awareness to paddling … [Read more...]