Gran Fondo: Italian for Will Ride for Food

Gran Fondo loosely translates to long distance or big ride or something like that, but considering my experience is limited to two years of the Little Rock Gran Fondo, I say it means will ride for food, and possibly beer. Ben E. Keith food distributors is one of the principal partners in the LR Gran Fondo. Part of the appeal of the Fondo format is the relative luxury of aid stations stocked not … [Read more...]

A New Kind of Ride

Rain had been in the forecast all week and there was great concern about what could happen come Saturday morning. Seventy miles of road cycling is daunting enough on its own, but add pouring rain and it could become pure drudgery. Many conversations before the ride consisted of speculation on the weather's effect on the coming event. This isn't going to be your average charity ride; this is … [Read more...]

A Ride With Class – Little Rock Gran Fondo

What the Heck is a Gran Fondo? The Italian phrase, Gran Fondo, is new to central Arkansas. Loosely translated, Gran Fondo means "great foundation", “great distance” or “great endurance.” It can be a full-on race, or just a ride. It’s both a sporting event and a cultural experience.  The first Gran Fondos took place in Italy in the early 1900's and they have been popular throughout Europe ever … [Read more...]

Tulsa Tough

I've heard of several Arkansas riders heading up to the Tulsa Tough Criteriums this weekend. The Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Cycling Festival features a Granfondo and three days of top notch criterium racing. Yes, I know, Tulsa is not in Arkansas, but it's close and we see a lot of their riders at Arkansas events and many of our riders will be there so here is your chance to cheer them … [Read more...]