Closing in on the Record

75,065 miles = More than 3 times around the earth, at the equator. 75,065 miles = Almost a third of the way to the Moon. 75,065 miles = The distance from Little Rock to Rogers, AR every day for a year. 1,609,132 feet = Climbing to the top of Mount Everest more than 55 times, from sea level.(as of 12/21/15) 75,065 miles = the record for riding a bike in 365 consecutive days. That record is … [Read more...]

The Hardest Working Lazy Person You Know

We asked Alicia Snyder, Crew Chief for Kurt Searvogel in his attempt to set a new highest annual mileage record, a few questions about their life on the road after 10,000 miles in 50 days. Kurt is a well known local athlete from Sheridan, Arkansas. He's well on his way to owning this world record. Imagine riding a double century every day and burning 12,000 calories a day for a year. Hard … [Read more...]