End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival

Fayettechill announces the End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival, August 22-24. End of Summer Daze was created out of love for the Ozark outdoor community. Fayettechill aims to create and share experiences for all that want to enjoy the Ozarks, so we created a 3­day camping festival to make sure everyone has the chance to make the most out of their final Summer days. The purpose of this … [Read more...]

Mayfest in the Mountains

As the evening sun shone bright in the western sky, I reclined in a pale green Adirondack chair, refreshing beverage in hand, soaking in the the soothing sound of Fayetteville based singer/songwriter Gable Bradley performing on the small stage below the stone tower at Hazel Valley Ranch. The smooth style of the Springsteen sound-alike balladeer was almost as relaxing as the late afternoon hammock … [Read more...]

Stop. Hammock Time.

The list of activities includes bike rides, trail runs, hikes, rock climbing, yoga, disc golf, and chess. Accommodations include luxurious patches of earth upon which you may stake your tent or tie up your hammock. Weeks of increased duties at work and a long list of other stressors have me looking forward to a night under the stars with maybe even a fire to ward off the spring chill. Perhaps my … [Read more...]

The Fittest of the Fit and Toughest of the Tough

I've heard it's sometimes baffling why people run marathons, compete in Ironmans, ride centuries, or participate in a host of other endurance type events.  If it's painful or difficult or not at all "fun", why do people subject themselves to suffering and misery?  The Hazel Valley 100, which took place this past weekend at Hazel Valley Ranch, is one such example.  Even more so, as there is no … [Read more...]

Hazel Valley High

This marked the third (I think) occurrence of the Hazel Valley Gran Prix - a 55-mile gravel grinder on the forest roads and back roads of the Ozark National Forest in Northwest Arkansas.  I had friends who had done the ride/race in the past and lived to tell the tale.  Now it would be my turn to put my mettle to the test.  Ever since I drove away from Hazel Valley Ranch last spring after the … [Read more...]

2013 Saddlebock Mountain Bike Festival – Fun for the Whole Family!

Through word of mouth, the hidden gem of Hazel Valley Ranch had been talked about among my fellow mountain biker and cyclist friends here in Central Arkansas.  I was determined to get up to NW Arkansas the next time an event was held there, and when Joe invited me to accompany him to the Saddlebock Mountain Bike Festival, I jumped at the opportunity.  Billed as a "Family Friendly weekend event", I … [Read more...]

Hazel Valley Hospitality – The Saddlebock Mountain Bike Festival (Part 2)

(Read Part 1 first or risk being totally confused) Ah yes, mountain bikes. This was billed as a mountain bike festival after all. Once we returned from our hike, Cliff along with about half of the lodge staff and all the Ozark Off-Road Cyclist folks geared up and headed out to get some mountain biking in. A mixture of single track, ATV roads and forest roads cover much of each side of … [Read more...]

Hazel Valley Gran Prix. Because It Feels Good When You Stop.

I enjoy hilly rides.  I wouldn’t have shipped my bike to the West Coast, paid for plane tickets, and used vacation to go out for the 2011 Ride of the Immortals if not.  Climbing hills to me seems one of the purest forms of biking.  It’s just you and your fitness versus the road ahead.  There’s also a certain element of solitude about climbing hills, which I think is another reason I like them so … [Read more...]