Hoof it for Heifer 20K

Wanda Eason and her team of volunteers from Heifer International and the Conway Heifer Community Volunteer Group continue to raise the bar each year. The Hoof it for Heifer 20K continues to grow each year, gaining new sponsors, more runners, and more donations. Race entries have grown from less than 50 to a sell out of 200 spots with many runners on a waiting list, reduced to begging on social … [Read more...]

Out in Front – More from Hoof it for Heifer

The cow bell rings and the race begins, I stand at the front of the pack to try and get an early lead and before I knew it the front runner is out of sight. The first couple of miles leading to the Blue Hole spot was fairly simple, not too technical. I was able to keep up with a couple of fellas, Cory and Rob, who were keeping a great pace, so I tried to tag along for as much as possible. I … [Read more...]

The Birth of Team Gettin’ There – Hoof it for Heifer 2013

There is something special about the community that sprouts up during longer runs, especially trail runs where course markings are scarce and sometimes hidden. Rough terrain gives runners reason to work together, warn each other and to slow the pace just a bit, or sometimes a lot. This is the second year for the Hoof it for Heifer 20K trail run at Petit Jean State Park benefiting Heifer … [Read more...]

Hoof it for Heifer 20K Run

Nicholas Norfolk is at it again, this time on a 20 kilometer plus run through Petit Jean State Park. Follow Nicholas on his audio blog to find out more about running in Arkansas. As Arkansas's first state park, Petit Jean, provided a good example for future state parks to follow.  Located in central Arkansas above the Arkansas River Valley, it is another testament to the natural beauty of … [Read more...]