The Bookend Rides – IMBA World Summit 2016

Want to get in an early ride before the IMBA World Summit? Maybe one last one before you head for home. Can’t make it to the rest of the summit but would like to be involved? Arkansas State Parks and the Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC, a 20-year-old trail advocacy group and the first IMBA chapter in the region) have you covered. These rides are free to enjoy (shuttles and bike rental are … [Read more...]

“Where’s the forks?” Better Practices on Coordinating Responsible Events

By Brannon Pack, Events Coordinator, Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC) Organizing and coordinating large scale mountain bike races and festivals comes with a price… responsibility. A lot of that “responsibility” can be delegated to volunteers, partners and sponsors, but in the end ownership ultimately falls on your club or organization. The Ozark Off-Road Cyclists, a chapter of IMBA, organizes … [Read more...]

The Festival at Townsend’s Ridge

I arrived late, the closure of the Pig Trail- highway 23, due to a washout caused me to take the long way to the park on the south shore of Beaver Lake. As I pulled into the Townsend Ridge parking lot, I quickly got my bike off the truck and got checked in. I rolled up to the start line with minutes to spare. I still had time to notice that the category 3 50+ group was the largest I'd ever raced … [Read more...]

There were Badgers in the Woods and All Hell Broke Loose: War Eagle Tail Twister Race

The War Eagle Tail Twister Race has become an annual rite of summer for our Little Rock running group: The Team Honey Badger Running Irregulars. We make no excuses for being rowdy and one of our friends from the Hashers has taken to calling us the “other drinking group with a running problem”. It was in that spirit that our motley band saddled up and made the caravan trek to Northwest Arkansas on … [Read more...]

It Ain’t No He-Man Woman Haters Club

My friend Cassandra came by to pick me up on the way to northwest Arkansas for our long awaited girls weekend with Stephanie and Lara. When most people think of a weekend getaway with the girls, the automatic assumption is that it will be a weekend of shopping, good food and maybe a little wine as moms and harried working women escape the stress of their busy lives. Maybe two out of three ain't … [Read more...]

The Assault on Townsend’s Ridge

The Battle for Townsend's Ridge is quickly becoming one of my favorite mountain biking events of the year. Not just because I podiumed for the first time in an Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series race last year, I didn't have that kind of luck this year. It's more about the "vibe" of the event. Yes, I said "vibe", maybe I'm a bit influenced by the Wakarusa Music Festival that also happens … [Read more...]

Get Your Tail Twisted

Lightning is something I'd rather avoid, it tends to make me edgy and does weird things to my hair. I was apprehensive when Saturday June 1, 2013 brought storms, heavy rain, lightning and thunder on the morning of the War Eagle Trail Running Festival. I wasn't sure I wanted to go outside, much less run 15 miles of what was sure to be muddy trail.  Mike Rush, of Rush Running and the eventual 1st … [Read more...]

The Battle for Townsend’s Ridge

Since the beginning of the year I've been trying things on bikes that I'd never done before. Not tricks or specific skills but just throwing myself head first into some kind of cycling event that I'd never done. Bike Polo, Alley Cat Races, a Marathon Race, a Road Race, you know, what ever comes up. I still haven't tried a Criterium (those are a little scary) or Cyclocross (we'll see when the … [Read more...]