Help Arrives for the Injured Epic

The Syllamo (S?l’-l?-m?) Mountain Bike Trail five miles north of Mountain View in Stone County, Arkansas, consists of a series of interconnecting loops offering mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners 50 miles of trail, most of it singletrack. The trail name dates back to an infamous resident of the area in the early 1800s, a Creek Indian named Syllamo who was tolerated by the native Shawnees. … [Read more...]

We Have Our Own Guy

(from International Mountain Biking Association news release) Steve Schneider has joined IMBA as the region director for the South Central states. Schneider joins seven other region directors on IMBA's team — these full-time mountain bike advocates work in distinct territories across the U.S. to improve and expand mountain bike opportunities. Schneider is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. The … [Read more...]

IMBA Revises Advice for Riding Muddy Trails

(News release from IMBA, is it an April Fools story? You be the judge, let us know what you think.) After careful review and considerable input from land managing agencies, IMBA has revised its advice for when and how to ride on muddy trails. “This is an important development as we enter the spring riding season,” said IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. “With high levels of precipitation … [Read more...]

Everybody likes a little trail…

...and these folks know all about getting some, and building some, and maintaining some, face it, the International Mountain Biking Association knows trail. Over the years, Arkansas has benefited by a close relationship with these gurus of mountain biking. First they named the Womble trail and later the Syllamo trail system IMBA "Epics", letting mountain bikers everywhere know that we do have … [Read more...]