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Beaver Lake Tail Water Race

This is a canoe and Kayak race on the White River from the base of Beaver Dam in Eureka Springs AR to the Golden Gate Bridge in Beaver, Arkansas. The

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Cooling off in the Ouachita River

Cooling off in the Ouachita River

We were invited to our friend’s birthday party, which included a relaxing float on the Ouachita River from Remmel Dam to Rockport Ledge. Most of the guests chose to use

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Race the Falls 2016

I love community. In my 35+ years of adventure sports; I have had the opportunity to belong to a number of adventure communities of athletes.. As a “35 year novice

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Winter Floating in Arkansas

The rains of early January have given way to some great floats around the state this Winter. Here is some nice video that Laramy Ridley shared with us of Snow

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Chilly Water

We’ve found ourselves in fall’s chilly march toward winter.   Warm weather sports are over for the year. Fortunately for the paddlers of Arkansas, kayaking and canoeing is not a

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On a Scale of One to Stupid

On a scale of one to stupid, attempting to compete in an event called 40 Acres of Hell as a last minute bit of fun, is stupid-er. Whatever else, my

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Outgoing ACC President Tom Burroughs

Ice-Water School

We’ve been looking forward to Whitewater School since we started paddling with the Arkansas Canoe Club.  As the class got closer and closer, we got more and more excited.  Camping!  In May!  On

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The Approach by Jake Meredith

The Stoke

Warm beams of sunlight warm your tent, begging you to brave the cold morning air to make coffee. Reluctantly you unzip the tent, careful not to disturb the thin layer

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Do You Rendezvous?

…well, you should. We don’t have a lot of canoe and kayak events on the Arkansas Outside calendar for good reason. By default, denizens of the lakes and rivers of

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Olympic Feats

I grew up in a family that watched the Olympics religiously every four years. I even remember one year watching the Summer Olympics on a black and white television set

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