Wet, Wild and Wonderful

Spending time with people who are in to and excited by outdoor recreation is a pleasure. Rarely is there boring talk of what's on television or what someone said did on an awards show the other night. There is not even much talk of spectator sports. The conversations tend to be about experiences: their experiences, a friend's experiences and sharing your experiences. What could be better than … [Read more...]

Back to Rendezvous

(See Part One of this Story) After a few hours in Little Rock we were ready to get back to our friends at the 19th Annual Arkansas Canoe Club Rendezvous. As we crossed the I-30 bridge over the Ouachita River we noticed some boaters still playing at the Rockport Ledge but decided that they would be heading back to Camp Couchdale soon and we would be there to meet them. There was a very … [Read more...]

Do You Rendezvous?

...well, you should. We don't have a lot of canoe and kayak events on the Arkansas Outside calendar for good reason. By default, denizens of the lakes and rivers of Arkansas are a spontaneous lot. Waiting for enough rain to turn a small creek into something that can be run by boat or a deluge that brings the Cossatot River to the perfect level for whitewater play. Sure you can always take a lake … [Read more...]

The Christmas Tradition Hike

Every year Lisa and I figure on a place to go to get away from the chaos that is Christmas Day. This usually results in a cold hike often times at our park of choice, Pinnacle Mountain State Park. This year we decided on a different venue for the hike so Christmas morning with the young one secure at her grandmother's house we set out for Lake Catherine State Park between Hot Springs and … [Read more...]