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A Proper Introduction to the Series

The forecast called for rain and cooler temperatures. Considering the fickle nature of Arkansas Fall weather, you never know what to expect for the Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series. To start the

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A nice dip before leaving the woods for the second time on the course.

Smoke-N-Suds 2013

Cyclocross races are always worth the trip, whether just across town or halfway across the state, I’m never disappointed by the action of one of my favorite spectator sports on

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Silhouetted by the early morning light.

Smoke-N-Suds Weekend Part 2

After day one of the Smoke-N-Suds weekend, we spent the night in the campground at nearby Devil’s Den State Park waking up to temperatures in the mid-thirties. Yes, it was

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The pleasure and pain of cyclocross.

Smoke-N-Suds Weekend Part 1

I caught myself saying to someone this weekend that cyclocross it the best spectator cycling sport. Is that really true? Could it be? Tight, short courses do lend themselves to

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