Lake Sylvia

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When you head due west out of Little Rock, things get pretty rugged, pretty fast. The first signs are the rock outcrops visible on Pinnacle Mountain and Rattlesnake Ridge. Once you

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Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.
...and ends in the dark.

By the Light of the Moon

Last year I decided to join in the fun of a night time “trail” run on the forest roads around Lake Sylvia West of Little Rock. In years past, this

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Gudrun Mountain Bike Festival
Front runners crest the hill while they still had some light.

Howling at the mOOn

Years ago I was lucky enough to have a co-worker who loved to run. Most days you would find the two of us running three to six mile routes around

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Leadville Training

Heading for Leadville

A couple of weeks ago I attended a meeting of a group of very serious mountain bikers at the Oyster Bar in Little Rock. This group of local riders came from

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Proof of finish.

The 2012 Slobberknocker or…

…the beatings continued until morale improved. On my quest to try almost all things cycling-related this year, I entered an Arkansas Marathon Series Mountain Bike Race, The Slobberknocker. The series

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