Mud, Sweat, and Beers: Tackling my Second Warrior Dash

After a hectic finals week schedule and a job interview that resulted in squat, I needed the three some-odd miles of mud and obstacles in Amity, Arkansas to feel like my old self again. My first Warrior Dash was also in Amity, as a training wheels session to see how much training I needed to cover before a Tough Mudder later that year. I never train for these things to beat a certain time; like … [Read more...]

Warrior Dash Arkansas 2013

As a red head there are few things about the beach I like. First I only come in two colors: red and white. There is no tanning for me; so, once I get my fill of swimming, there’s nothing for me to do. Second after applying 50 layers of sunscreen, sand gets into crevices you never even knew you had. Mud is kinda the same way. The Warrior Dash, which benefits St. Jude Research Hospital, is known … [Read more...]

Muddy as Ever: Arkansas Obstacle Course Racing in 2013

Obstacle course races have become a seemingly permanent fixture in the outdoors scene.  An estimated two million people in 2013 will pay good money to slosh through mud and crawl under barbed wire.  If you haven’t ever tried one before, this figure might leave you scratching your head at the fools and their money.  But the personal challenge, the fun atmosphere and the uniqueness of each race have … [Read more...]

Battered by the Gauntlet

The team that once conquered the Warrior Dash was back together to make an attempt at conquering the Gauntlet. These mud filled, obstacle course races seem to be multiplying rapidly across the country as people seek something beyond the 5K or 10K running race. People are looking for more. They want an event to inspire memories and tales of fantastic feats of strength. Little Rock has long … [Read more...]

Warrior Dash – Arkansas

UPDATE!!! Warrior Dash will be back in Arkansas in 2013! Back in January Lisa wrote an article about a new style of racing that was finally coming to Arkansas. I call it obstacle course runs and they seem to be growing in popularity. We found out the Warrior Dash was coming to Amity, Arkansas. Lisa, son David and I quickly got signed up and have been waiting not so patiently for the last … [Read more...]

Dirty Girls

According to the research at Outdoor Industry, the likely representative of one who describes themselves as an outdoor recreation enthusiast would be a caucasian male, with at least some college education, making more than $75,000 a year, and married or living with a significant other. Recently I noticed a one paragraph blurb in one of those fitness magazines geared toward women that pointed out  … [Read more...]

Mud Slinging

By Lisa Mullis Arkansas in autumn is not only resplendent with color from the changing of the leaves but there is not a weekend that is lacking a long list of events on the Things To Do in Central Arkansas calendar. In October the State Fair comes to Little Rock, there are bicycle races and charity rides, 5Ks galore, Harvest Fests, Boo at the Zoo, and Chili Cook-Offs. Another time-honored … [Read more...]

2007 Mud Run

October is a very busy outdoor month for us. The first cool air, open the windows up, get outside. It doesn't help that there are a multitude of outdoor events across the state in October. The Raid the Rock adventure race, Rugged Man Triathlon, Race for the Cure, The Arky 100, Tour Da Delta , and lots of friends pulling us out to do various things. A family favorite is the Little Rock Mud … [Read more...]