Ghosts in the Night

Early in the day the threat of rain was only about 20% but as the start time for the Arkansas Super-Prestige Night Cyclocross Race got closer, the chance of rain increased to 60%. It was cool and overcast when we arrived at Interstate Park in South Little Rock. Last years venue for this race was Kanis Park where the lack of lighting made the event an intimate affair as bike lights were placed in … [Read more...]

24th Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival

The oldest, ongoing  mountain bike event in Arkansas has reached 24 years old.  The Ozark Mountain Bike Festival is held annually at Devil's Den State Park in Northwest Arkansas. Unlike many other mountain biking events, this one is not centered around racing but more around the fun of riding a mountain bike. Full of introductory and intermediate workshops, fun rides and kids events, the festival … [Read more...]

Into the Dark, Dark Woods

Yesterday was such a beautiful day starting out with temperatures in the 60's. At lunch time I found an excuse to run home and grab my bike and some gear for an after work ride. I thought it would be great fun to try out the bike cam with a couple of powerful bike lights at Pfeifer Loop near Cooks Landing in North Little Rock. I have a couple of Princeton Tec Switchback 3 lights and I planned to … [Read more...]