The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Hit Arkansas

It's always nice to get these folks in town. If you have a chance head out to show your support and maybe learn a thing or two. The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be conducting outreach at training in the Little Rock area. October 20th The Clinton Presidential Library and the Bill Clark Wetlands nature area for awareness sessions - City of Little Rock and North Little Parks and … [Read more...]

Bikes, Bridges and Beer (and Baseball?)

The Arkansas River Trail in Little Rock and North Little Rock is a transportation corridor. That's right, it allows access by bike or foot to all kinds of great venues not just during the day but also at night. For instance, Saturday night, Dickey-Stephens Ballpark in North Little Rock played host to the 9th Annual Little RocktoberFest. This annual gathering of home brew aficionados, local brew … [Read more...]

Worthless & Weak!

Okay, yeah, I did it....I set up the bike trainer in the house. Why you may ask would I need to do that when I live in the Natural State with all these wonderful places go ride my bike. Well, short answer...I'm worthless and weak! We have some wonderful night rides going on in Central Arkansas both road and mountain bike night rides but it's cold and dark and besides weekdays are pretty busy and … [Read more...]

A little of everything this past weekend

Sorry, no photos for this post (I should start attaching the camera to my forehead). Anyway, it was an interesting weekend as those of us in central Arkansas dodged rain and tried to fill commitments for family and work. Starting off on Friday after work Lisa and I took a night ride on the mountain bikes but stayed on the paved trails and road for this one.  We rode from Murry Park in Little … [Read more...]

Little Rock is such a cool place…

Last night we decided to check out a little concert at a church nearby. After dinner we walked through our neighborhood to the church (about a mile away) to see the Central High School Jazz Ensemble do their annual concert. They had a special guest, Wycliffe Gordon, a jazz trombonist. Check out his bio, this guy has serious cred! It was a wonderful concert that even the 13 year old … [Read more...]