Ouachita Mountains

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Fleet Feet Little Rock
Shady Lake, Ouachita National Forest (Photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)

110 Years of the Ouachita National Forest

The Ouachita National Forest turned 110 years old yesterday. For the uninitiated, Ouachita is pronounced Wash-it-aw. Forest Service Management Over these years, the 1.8 million acres Ouachita National Forest has

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Shift Frequent Shifters Club


When you head due west out of Little Rock, things get pretty rugged, pretty fast. The first signs are the rock outcrops visible on Pinnacle Mountain and Rattlesnake Ridge. Once you

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Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.

Winter Hikes

Every once in a while, someone will ask “what’s your favorite time of year to hike?”.  I know most people would answer autumn, for the fall colors. A few would

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Zombies Don’t Wear Headlamps

Ashley: What’s that up ahead? Is it a person? Is it coming toward us or away from us? Mindy: It’s a zombie. Ashley: Shut up! Me: It’s okay Ashley, zombies

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More Than Just a Slobberknocker

Many of us have grown to love certain events that take place in Arkansas; events that we wrap our personal and professional calendars around. Events that must be prepared for,

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You’ve got to LOViT

Not so long ago the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT) was a brand new, modest span of 13 miles between Denby Bay and Joplin Road on the southwest side of

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