110 Years of the Ouachita National Forest

The Ouachita National Forest turned 110 years old yesterday. For the uninitiated, Ouachita is pronounced Wash-it-aw. Forest Service Management Over these years, the 1.8 million acres Ouachita National Forest has managed the forest for a number of multiple uses, including timber, wilderness, recreation, minerals, water and wildlife in Arkansas and Oklahoma. A proclamation by President … [Read more...]

Land of OZ: Northwest Arkansas’ MTB Network | BIKE Magazine

A good article on mountain biking history in Arkansas as long as you remember that they left the pre-Oz Trails era out of Northwest Arkansas. Mountain biking in NWA dates its start back to the late 1980's at Devil's Den State Park with the first mountain bike festival in the state. One that has been enjoyed for almost 30 years. This year is also the twentieth anniversary of the Ozark Off-Road … [Read more...]


When you head due west out of Little Rock, things get pretty rugged, pretty fast. The first signs are the rock outcrops visible on Pinnacle Mountain and Rattlesnake Ridge. Once you get past Lake Maumelle and near the highway 10/highway 9 intersection at Williams Corner, you find yourself in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. Camp Ouachita, near Lake Sylvia, is a popular staging area … [Read more...]

Winter Hikes

Every once in a while, someone will ask "what's your favorite time of year to hike?".  I know most people would answer autumn, for the fall colors. A few would say spring for the greening of the hills and meadows. My favorite time of year to hike is winter. Those who say that the desolation of a winter forest isn't pretty are entitled to keep that opinion, but I find beauty in the blankness of the … [Read more...]

Zombies Don’t Wear Headlamps

Ashley: What's that up ahead? Is it a person? Is it coming toward us or away from us? Mindy: It's a zombie. Ashley: Shut up! Me: It's okay Ashley, zombies don't wear headlamps, it can't be a zombie. Zombies don't wear headlamps. Unless you count the blank zombie like stare and faltering perambulation of an endurance runner doing an overnight long run. The swaying, lumbering form in … [Read more...]

More Than Just a Slobberknocker

Many of us have grown to love certain events that take place in Arkansas; events that we wrap our personal and professional calendars around. Events that must be prepared for, that take up our weeknights and weekends. Events that we begin to look forward to each year. The blame for many of these time sucking circles on our calendars can be placed right at the feet of Central Arkansas Velo … [Read more...]

You’ve got to LOViT

Not so long ago the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT) was a brand new, modest span of 13 miles between Denby Bay and Joplin Road on the southwest side of Lake Ouachita. That was  less than 10 years ago. Today, the LOViT is over 31 miles long and growing, currently stretching from Denby Bay all the way to Brady Mountain Road, an out and back of about 62 miles or 100 kilometers to our Canadian … [Read more...]

Full mOOn, Fireflies and Other F-words

The rain spit softly from the sky, the gentle drip of a Faucet with a bad washer. The temperatures began to drop and the clouds eased the sun's relentless beating of the gravel and dirt route that runners' Feet would soon be crunching over. The Fun was about to begin. With a couple of hours yet until the start time of the Full mOOn 25K/50K run, participants, volunteers and organizing crews were … [Read more...]

Arkansas Traveller 100 – 2012

Our world often seems cold and uncaring.  Though the temperatures at the 22nd Arkansas Traveller 100 were unseasonably cold- hovering in the upper 40's for the 6 a.m. start and barely budging for the duration of the event- warmth, compassion and courage were displayed in abundance. To the casual observer, running 100 miles sounds like the epitome of a bleak, emotionless, even foolhardy … [Read more...]

My Friend Sarah and 40 Miles of Up!

Before I go into my ride this past weekend I first must tell you a bit about my riding partner for the latest painfest. I met Sarah almost 5 years ago. It seems like I've known her longer. A mutual friend and I were going to do an overnight brick workout. We wanted to see what the effects of sleep deprivation would be on our ability to race. We were thinking about doing a 36 hour adventure … [Read more...]