Ouachita National Forest

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Front runners crest the hill while they still had some light.

Howling at the mOOn

Years ago I was lucky enough to have a co-worker who loved to run. Most days you would find the two of us running three to six mile routes around

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Leadville Training

Heading for Leadville

A couple of weeks ago I attended a meeting of a group of very serious mountain bikers at the Oyster Bar in Little Rock. This group of local riders came from

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One of the cat awards.

The 2012 Catsmacker

(NEW CONTRIBUTOR! Jen Freilino gave us her race report from the Catsmacker this year. Thanks Jen!)  The Catsmacker is a 23 mile fun-run on 4-wheeler trails, forest-service roads, and a

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Norfork Adventure Supply
Proof of finish.

The 2012 Slobberknocker or…

…the beatings continued until morale improved. On my quest to try almost all things cycling-related this year, I entered an Arkansas Marathon Series Mountain Bike Race, The Slobberknocker. The series

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