Pssst…Don’t Tell Everyone About This Ride!

(From an article I wrote in February of last year for Arkansas Abroad...some updates have been made) Easily riding along a natural bench trail, crossing the occasional stream I wind my way out of another hollow, the steep climb to get here is nearly forgotten, nearly. Pedaling past unique rock outcroppings and ancient trees I’m feeling glad that I brought my bike on this trip to the Ozarks … [Read more...]

Resolve to be Involved

Welcome to 2012 everyone. I'm sure everyone has come up with resolutions by now. Most resolutions I've found are very personal. After doing some quick research online it seems that most resolutions involve  quitting something or getting something. This is certainly true of those of us who want to improve our health. We want to quit smoking or alcohol or eat less. Others want to be better at a … [Read more...]

Attila strikes again…

UPDATE: Race Results are in and 65 photos are available on Google+ and Facebook. If I was asked what my top 5 favorite mountain bike trails in the state are, Cedar Glades at Hot Springs would be on it. I've been riding those trails for something like 8 years. They are fun and flowy with some nice technical sections, a few heart stoppers, some sweet, long downhills and all in a beautiful … [Read more...]

The View Never Changes…

Welcome first time blogger McKenna. I wanted to get a younger voice in the blogs here and our teenage daughter was up to the task. Besides all the things she mentions doing on Saturday, she spent most of Sunday volunteering in the Kid's Tent at Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous. This Saturday was a busy day for me and my family. Hiking, housework, Hillcrest Harvestfest, and all kinds of things that, … [Read more...]

A Quick Morning Stop

I left the house early this morning heading to a meeting at DeGray Lake Resort State Park (yeah, sometimes it's tough to be me). I left early so I could take my time and see what the sunrise had in store for me. I brought my new Nikon Coolpix P7000 to play with just in case a good shot presented itself. It was a clear sky so I figured that I wouldn't get much in the way of shots of the sky. I … [Read more...]

Now This is Hiking Weather

I could never resist the call of the trail. - Buffalo Bill Time to check the hiking boots for dry rot, clean the cob webs out of the backpack, start planning some big hikes. But where to go? Arkansas has some of the best hiking in the country and the trails are not usually very crowded. The evening temps are starting to set up nicely to give us some good fall color (we could use a little rain if … [Read more...]

But Mom, it’s HOT outside!

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.” That has been quoted so many times, from Ann Landers to Lou Holtz, I have no idea whom to credit. But I think it’s appropriate for the story of a late summer camping trip at the lake. With temperatures in the upper 90s to triple digits and high humidity, it’s a perfect time to go camping for a family reunion. Right? While July is always a “hot” month … [Read more...]

When things go just slightly wrong

Our guest writer Lisa is a glutton for punishment and wanted to do another blog article. She was inspired by the recent Boy Scout incident at Albert Pike Recreation Center and how they did everything right.  This week one of the big news stories in Arkansas was about a Boy Scout troop from Louisiana that hiked in a part of the Albert Pike Recreation area that flooded last year, killing 20 … [Read more...]

Hot Springs to Host USA Cycling Ultra Endurance National Race

Calendar Race Event at Cedar Glades Park on March 12 HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, Arkansas — Hot Springs will host for the sixth year a USA Cycling Ultra Endurance National Race Calendar Race event at Cedar Glades Park on March 12 - 13. The event is on the USA Cycling National Calendar for the third year in a row. The weekend will include multiple events; The Spa City Six-hour Mountain Bike Race, … [Read more...]

…and my wife says we don’t have many traditions

We had our annual Christmas hike on Christmas Day as usual and it was great. Another tradition that is a keeper. On to New Years. Of course we started off the year with black-eyed peas. Lisa made a wonderful black-eyed pea salsa and that along with some chips should help get us off to another lucky year. As Christmas Day is normally reserved for a good hike, we used to have a cycling tradition on … [Read more...]