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A wonderful Christmas dinner in an Arkansas State Park cabin!

The Tradition Continues!

Several years ago my wife and I started a tradition of getting away from all the craziness on Christmas morning and going for a hike. For a couple of years

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The Community Bicyclist
Shift Modern Cyclery - Be Ready To Ride.
Ozark Outdoor Supply Spring Hiking Ad

Making “New” Memories

Arkansas State Parks has put out a new video promoting making new memories…and sharing them on their Facebook site. Pretty cool, it gave me goose bumps. The old footage could

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Back to Pinnacle…

The weekend warrior is back! After not doing any working out for weeks due to an overabundance of well meaning excuses it was time to get back in the woods.

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Fall Color & Falling Water

Fall color is always a wonderful time in Arkansas.  Early in the season (the second week of October) you will see the colors begin to change up in the Ozarks

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No Respect!

After having lived all over the country I finally settled here in Arkansas. I like the place. It has lots of small towns, friendly folks and an uncommon diversity of

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