“Where’s the forks?” Better Practices on Coordinating Responsible Events

By Brannon Pack, Events Coordinator, Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC) Organizing and coordinating large scale mountain bike races and festivals comes with a price… responsibility. A lot of that “responsibility” can be delegated to volunteers, partners and sponsors, but in the end ownership ultimately falls on your club or organization. The Ozark Off-Road Cyclists, a chapter of IMBA, organizes … [Read more...]

A Trail Community

Years ago I decided to purchase a kayak. I had been a canoe guy for most of my life but was drawn to the much more comfortable seating of a kayak. I also liked the ease of control that a single paddler could enjoy. A recreational kayak was a lot like riding a bike. I could go as fast as I was physically capable or slow to enjoy moment. I could go any way that I wanted. I could explore via my own … [Read more...]

24th Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival

A little over 24 years ago a couple of park people from Devil's Den State Park went out west to check out this mountain biking thing they had heard about. After getting back to the park they created one of the first mountain biking events in the state, the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival at Devil's Den State Park. Those staff members are still around and the Festival lives on, although it's a bit … [Read more...]