Celebrate 100 Years with 100 miles

January 1st marks the beginning of the National Park Service (NPS) Centennial celebration and the seven National Park Service sites in Arkansas will kick off the celebration by launching the Centennial Iron Ranger Challenge – a year-long program to encourage visitors to “Find Your Park” and improve their health and fitness by completing 100 miles of physical activity over the course of the … [Read more...]

Moonlight on the Mississippi

I find peace on the water. There is a stillness in my soul as I slice a paddle through the smooth glassy surface of the water. My spirit is tranquil even when the river is turbulent. I see the reflection of the trees and the sky and imagine that dipping my head below the surface will take me to that inverted universe, like Alice through the looking glass. She and I both know that things are not … [Read more...]

How to Spend the Last Day of Summer Vacation

Three things came together this weekend that created a once in a lifetime experience: a float on the upper Buffalo National River....in mid August. First-  for us August is a time to back off the Arkansas Outside push for awhile, time to spend a couple of weekends with the family and catchi up on chores around the house. It's the short rest we need before we dive into the craziness of outdoor … [Read more...]

Dragons and Gunslingers

May 18th was an active day for events in Central Arkansas. One of those events was the inaugural River Cities Dragon Boat Festival on Victory Lake at Burns Park in North Little Rock. According to the festival website, Dragon Boat racing is an ancient tradition: Dating back more than 2,300 years, Dragon Boat racing features teams of 20 paddlers with a drummer and a steerer in authentic Hong-Kong … [Read more...]

School of Recreational Paddling

(Get signed up for the 2015 River Paddling School) The Arkansas Canoe Club is about forty years old, and they've organized training weekends for thirty-seven of those years - Canoe School evolved into Whitewater School, and then about ten years ago they began offering a Recreational School as well.  That experience shows in the really good programs the club puts together.  Those good at … [Read more...]

Arkansas River Canoe and Kayak Race 2012

Things have changed. Several years ago my son and I entered the Arkansas River Canoe and Kayak Race starting at the boat ramp in Burns Park and finishing at the boat ramp under the I-30 bridge. It was a pretty quick trip we raced in the Old Town canoe we had at the time and although I don't remember winning anything we had a great time. Back then a couple of  "serious" racers showed up in nice … [Read more...]