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Outgoing ACC President Tom Burroughs

Ice-Water School

We’ve been looking forward to Whitewater School since we started paddling with the Arkansas Canoe Club.  As the class got closer and closer, we got more and more excited.  Camping!  In May!  On

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A Quick Morning Stop

I left the house early this morning heading to a meeting at DeGray Lake Resort State Park (yeah, sometimes it’s tough to be me). I left early so I could

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Gudrun Mountain Bike Festival

Winter Decent on Richland Creek

Some friends shared this great video with me. Most people don’t understand how great the whitewater can be in Arkansas and nothing beats a good winter snow melt. [youtube=] As

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Angry Dave's Flying Ad

The Village Creek Race!

Well, I’ve been on the road all week traveling the great state of Arkansas.  Since my last post, I’ve been back to eastern Arkansas again, spent Tuesday night at DeGray

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Upcoming Outdoor Stuff

Looks like another great weekend of outdoor stuff to do in Arkansas.  Here is a quick rundown: – This is the first canoe and kayak race through downtown Little

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