More Than Just a Slobberknocker

Many of us have grown to love certain events that take place in Arkansas; events that we wrap our personal and professional calendars around. Events that must be prepared for, that take up our weeknights and weekends. Events that we begin to look forward to each year. The blame for many of these time sucking circles on our calendars can be placed right at the feet of Central Arkansas Velo … [Read more...]

CHAINWHEEL’S 2013 Slobberknocker MTB Challenge

The 2013 edition of Chainwheel’s Slobberknocker MTB Race and Tour was a huge success!  Racers and Riders from Arkansas and several surrounding states lined up at 8:20 to receive last minute details and then cast-off at 8:30 for a neutral rollout through Perryville, down Hwy 9, up Thornburg Mountain, and finally, onto the dirt for a long day in the Ouachita Mountains. Approximately 140 … [Read more...]