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It’s Hot, Run Like A Bandit

Running during the summer is not an easy task.  The heat and humidity can be discouraging even in mild summers.  To help runners push through a time when motivation can

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Adventure Ozark 8-Hour Adventure Race
Racing at Cedar Glades.

Feeling like a kid again.

Labor Day weekend will mark the 3rd year anniversary of when I went to a local bike shop and bought my first mountain bike. Having never ridden before, the guys

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Meet Cliff, the Human Chainsaw.

Trail Fairy: Like a Boss

As I stared deep into the tangled mass, I wondered if I had been miraculously shrunk down and what I was looking at was really the inside of a massive bird’s nest.

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Searcy County Eclipse Ad

Into the Dark, Dark Woods

Yesterday was such a beautiful day starting out with temperatures in the 60’s. At lunch time I found an excuse to run home and grab my bike and some gear

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