It’s Hot, Run Like A Bandit

Running during the summer is not an easy task.  The heat and humidity can be discouraging even in mild summers.  To help runners push through a time when motivation can be lacking, James Titus of Set The Pace created the Summer Scorcher Bandit Series. The series consisted of three races during the month of August.  Keeping it interesting, distances and locations were never the same.  … [Read more...]

Feeling like a kid again.

Labor Day weekend will mark the 3rd year anniversary of when I went to a local bike shop and bought my first mountain bike. Having never ridden before, the guys in the bike shop pointed me in the direction of Pfeifer Loop as a good place to learn how to use my bike and to get my first taste of off road riding. From the moment I took off from the trailhead and turned into the loop going over the … [Read more...]

Trail Fairy: Like a Boss

As I stared deep into the tangled mass, I wondered if I had been miraculously shrunk down and what I was looking at was really the inside of a massive bird's nest. That's certainly what it looked like from my perspective: huge knots of wood and thick vine heaped at short intervals all along the path, taller and much wider than I am, it could only be that I was caught in a maze much like Alice. … [Read more...]

Into the Dark, Dark Woods

Yesterday was such a beautiful day starting out with temperatures in the 60's. At lunch time I found an excuse to run home and grab my bike and some gear for an after work ride. I thought it would be great fun to try out the bike cam with a couple of powerful bike lights at Pfeifer Loop near Cooks Landing in North Little Rock. I have a couple of Princeton Tec Switchback 3 lights and I planned to … [Read more...]