Wild Women Wednesday Might Be Your New Favorite Outdoor Activity | Little Rock Soiree Magazine

One of the great, regular outdoor events in central Arkansas. Check out Wild Women Wednesday. It's called Wild Women Wednesday and it's part of the Women's Hiking Winter Series at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Every week, local ladies are invited to join park interpreters and Central Arkansas Master Naturalists members (CAMN) as they take to one of the Pinnacle trails.CAMN is an organization that … [Read more...]

OptOutside – Where there’s a Will….

Enjoying the outdoors is still pretty simple even on a soaking wet day like today. All it takes is a raincoat, a decent pair of shoes and a sense of adventure. Lisa and I decided to go for a hike, donning the appropriate gear we headed out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The Rocky Valley Trail combined with the East Quarry Trail would give us some pretty views and a short hike before heading … [Read more...]

The Bigfoot Challenge

Leave no trace, Bigfoot's been doing it for years! The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has been teaching us how to limit our impact on natural areas for years, too. Like Bigfoot, we should leave no evidence behind when we're enjoying front or backcountry areas. The Bigfoot Challenge is an easy way to practice responsibility in the outdoors by committing to: Teach a child or a … [Read more...]

Short on Runners, Long on Spirit

We had another great year at Race the Base Trail Run. We may not have had as many runners as we had in 2013, but we had plenty of spirit. We had a great crew of last minute volunteers from a local running group, while many other members of the group were racing. We certainly appreciate this crew of athletes who have helped Arkansas Outside with a few events recently. Saturday many of them stepped … [Read more...]

2014 Bike & Hike for ALS

There is something really special that happens on the morning of the ALS Bike and Hike. Most days, as cyclists, we air up our tires, ice down our water bottles, and fill up our jersey pockets with “fuel.” But on this odd morning, we also pack up some tennis shoes and a ball cap for a mid-ride hike up Pinnacle Mountain. Let me tell you, it is a challenging event, but the sweet view from the top … [Read more...]

Trails don’t just happen

One of the most popular activities in parks and wilderness areas is hiking on trails. For thousands of years trails have been used for transportation, hunting, exploring, commerce. Long before roads, trails were created not on purpose but through repetition of use, the path of least resistance to travel from one point to another. In the late 19th century, as our technological world expanded … [Read more...]

Family Affair – Race the Base 2013

Family is typically defined as a social unit made of parents and their children or a group of people related by blood. These days many people extend the moniker to those around them who enjoy or appreciate the same activities. We have our "running family" and our "cycling family", I have my "gym sisters". And sometimes all those worlds collide. This is the second year that Partners for … [Read more...]

Ouachita Trail 50 – 2013

In the early morning darkness, the flashlights and headlamps bobbing through the parking lot, a hundred and fifty odd runners plus their support teams, families and friends milled about collecting race bags and bib numbers and waiting for Race Director and Queen of all things Ouachita 50 Chrissy Ferguson, to give her expletive punctuated pre-race instructions. Basically, stay on the trail, watch … [Read more...]

Spring Time Trials

Spring rains have been prevalent the last couple of weekends and this past week has been cold and wet for the most part. By mid-week we were getting signs of light at the end of the dark tunnel. Would the bad weather move on in time for the first race of the Two Rivers Spring Time Trial Series on Thursday night? ...not quite. We watched the chat on Facebook about whether the race would … [Read more...]

She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.

Just got back from Race The Base Trail Run on a beautiful Fall Day. Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, racers, race supporters, Mac's Timing Service and Partners For Pinnacle for putting on this race. The runners seemed to have a great time. The preliminary overall results are available HERE. The story and photos will be available on Monday. Thanks to everyone who came out to the … [Read more...]