Adventures? Little Rock has Options

Arkansas is a diverse state and nothing illustrates this better than the abundance of outdoor adventures in the capital city of Little Rock. Mountain biking has been a popular activity since the 1980's and the area currently includes over 60 miles of singletrack trails. Most locals have hiked up, over, or around Pinnacle Mountain, recent additions to the adventure landscape include the Arkansas … [Read more...]

The Heart of the Race

Each year the weeks leading up to Race the Base tend to be hard on my heart. I get anxious, there is a seemingly continuous revolution of reasons to freak out. There's the email about something that is not quite right with the shirts that pops up right in the middle of an out of state trip. There are arrangements with vendors, racers, and volunteers to be made. The day before the race there are … [Read more...]

We Love Building Trails

Over the past 50 years, I've hiked and ridden trails all over the United States and parts of Europe and South America. There has always been something about seeing a trail heading into the wilderness that both excites and calms me. The excitement comes from anticipation of the unexpected, what's around the next turn, the top of the hill or the bottom of the canyon. The trail asks me to take a … [Read more...]

Sleeping like Bears

"I'm going to sleep like a bear tonight" was the last thing AO contributor and friend Justin Cloar said to me after his 6:54 finish at the Ouachita Trail 50K. I returned good wishes for his peaceful hibernation, hoped the same for myself, and said goodnight. Instead of a peaceful night of deep slumber, I was awake at 1 a.m. watching Big Bang Theory and again at 4 a.m. eating Pad Thai and watching … [Read more...]

Rain Doesn’t Stop Arkansas’s First Bike & Hike

Yep, it rained. It poured. But that didn’t stop folks from hopping on their bikes and taking on Arkansas’s first Bike & Hike last weekend. The event was a chance to enjoy the outdoors but also served another purpose: to raise awareness about ALS, a rare disease that damages the nerves that control voluntary muscle movement. There are a lot of unknowns about it. No one knows the cause. There … [Read more...]

Arkansas River Trail System

From MetroPlan - Community leaders will gather Friday, June 1, at 10:00 am on the Little Rock side of the Big Dam Bridge to sign “A Memorandum of Understanding,” establishing the Arkansas River Trail System. As a part of the ceremony bicyclists will parade across the Big Dam Bridge from the North Little Rock side. If you plan to ride in the parade, you need to arrive at the North Little Rock … [Read more...]

Ouachita Trail 50 – 2012

Would you run 50 miles of some of  the most beautiful trail in Arkansas? What if it was just 50 kilometers? Most people, even seasoned athletes would say that kind of distance is intimidating, but 175 people thought it sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday. I had thought that I might be one of them this year but instead of running I would be lying in wait at the end of the first big hurdle … [Read more...]

Central Arkansas Trail Closures

Update! The prescribed burn scheduled for Pinnacle Mountain State Park has been CANCELLED due to the fog and expected rain. It will be rescheduled for a later date. Prescribed Burn at Pinnacle Mountain State Park - The trails near the visitor center of the park will be closed for a prescribed burn for December 14 & 15, 2011. (If they have rain it may be rescheduled.) This includes the … [Read more...]

Raid The Rock 2011

UPDATE: Results are in for 2011 Raid the Rock. You can also get splits here. And if you're wondering where some of these teams came from check out this. By 2000 I'd done a couple of adventure races which at that time made me, in the minds of some, an old hand at it. I had orienteering skills, a hydration pack and a mountain bike. A new adventure race was coming down the pike and a friend … [Read more...]

The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Hit Arkansas

It's always nice to get these folks in town. If you have a chance head out to show your support and maybe learn a thing or two. The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be conducting outreach at training in the Little Rock area. October 20th The Clinton Presidential Library and the Bill Clark Wetlands nature area for awareness sessions - City of Little Rock and North Little Parks and … [Read more...]