The Latest Plogging Fitness Craze Could Help Clean Up Cities – CityLab

We know that many outdoor enthusiasts around Arkansas are willing to stop and pick up some trash while enjoying their time outside. We know of many who go out to collect trash and decide to do it via bike, canoe, running shoes, or hiking boots. You just may not have realized there was a name for it, Plogging, and it seems to be growing in popularity. This is the kind of fitness craze we'd like to … [Read more...]

National Black Marathoners Association to Host Running Workshop in Little Rock

(From Media Release) National Black Marathoners Association to Host Running Workshop in Little Rock (Little Rock, Ark.) In an effort to increase ethnic minority running, officials with the National Black Marathoners Association (NBMA) announced today they are hosting a workshop on Nov. 11 in Little Rock, aimed at organizing ethnic running/walking clubs in Arkansas. The goal is to establish … [Read more...]

The Definitive Guide to Endurance Training—for Your Dog | Outside Online

Do it right and you'll have a great running companion for years. Some things to remember: Dogs must remain on leash in state parks, Camp Robinson Trails in North Little Rock are great for dogs, Be aware of hunting seasons when letting your dog off leash, Make sure your dog is "public-trained" when letting them roam in areas with other dogs and people. Also, keep an eye on their … [Read more...]

Doing the Cane Creek Canter

Star City is a small Arkansas town of about 2500 residents that lies at the border between the Timberland and Delta regions. This unique position allows visitors to enjoy the timbered lake with a marked kayak trail and abundant fishing as well as beautiful woodland trails like the 15.5 mile Cane Creek Lake Trail. For the second year, the park has hosted a winter no frills fun run that allows … [Read more...]

The Skullcrusher Legend: Cossatot River Half Marathon

The planning began during the heat of a summer afternoon while looking forward to the cool mornings of autumn. A group of runner friends, anticipating the arrival of fall trail runs, planned a weekend long trip to run the half marathon at Cossatot River State Park and Natural Area in southwest Arkansas. Cabins were rented, menus were planned, carpools were formed, and on the Friday before the race … [Read more...]

There’s a New Species of Badger in the Canyon:  Blow Outs, Big Rocks, and Mojo Nixon

There are road trips and then there are Epic road trips.  In my 48 years on Earth, I’ve never experienced an Epic road trip until the past weekend.  Months in planning, a group of six Team Honey Badger Irregulars set out in a wagon train of two to the great plains of the Texas Panhandle. Destination: Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  The reason: run trails. The trip started out smoothly enough … [Read more...]

Down and Up We Go – Mt. Nebo Trail Run

After finishing 10 miles in Conway with the Conway Running Club and Team Loco the night before, I knew my body was in for a treat at Mt. Nebo.  Unlike last year, I wasn’t dealing with the infamous IT bandit.  I’m glad he wasn’t tagging along for this run.  He can be bothersome, but especially on hills.  To the mountain we go! About 100 runners showed up, many of which were first timers.  … [Read more...]

Free Your Feet?

I offer up this infographic (see, I can still use the hip terminology). How do you feel about barefoot running? Have you tried it? Do you have shoe-induced foot problems? Created by: Admittedly, I don't run a lot but when I do, I wear shoes. I've tried the Vibram Five Fingers but the toes spread thing bothered me. Maybe I should try some minimal shoes without the … [Read more...]

Arkansas River Trail System

From MetroPlan - Community leaders will gather Friday, June 1, at 10:00 am on the Little Rock side of the Big Dam Bridge to sign “A Memorandum of Understanding,” establishing the Arkansas River Trail System. As a part of the ceremony bicyclists will parade across the Big Dam Bridge from the North Little Rock side. If you plan to ride in the parade, you need to arrive at the North Little Rock … [Read more...]

Because someone’s got to do it.

You may have read here that I've been doing some trail work out at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The background is that a few of us got together with the Park a couple of years ago and dotted the proper "i's" and crossed the appropriate "t's" and they allowed us to design and build a couple of mountain bike trails, the Jackfork (intermediate/advanced) and the Rabbit Ridge trails (easy). We opened … [Read more...]