Viva RussVegas

My Inaugural Costume Play Race at the Inaugural Half Marathon Russellville, Arkansas has always been something of a second home for me; I've lived in and out of Dover and London, but never outside of Pope County. As much as I've always liked the “little big town” feeling of Russellville, lately I've wished to see more attractions one would get in a larger town, namely the races and festivals. I … [Read more...]

Why We Suffer

Sufferfest: "An activity whereby all participants ache, agonize, ail, be at a disadvantage, be racked, deteriorate, endure, grieve, languish, and/or writhe.. but by co-misery, yet cohesiveness, will have experienced a grand time." ~ Urban Dictionary I spent a good 3 minutes online looking for the definition of "sufferface" but came up empty handed. I would define it as the … [Read more...]

On a Scale of One to Stupid

On a scale of one to stupid, attempting to compete in an event called 40 Acres of Hell as a last minute bit of fun, is stupid-er. Whatever else, my method of event participation in place of actually training  for events, is consistent. But that kind of stupidity ranks right up there with things that follow "here, hold my beer." Each weekend of October offers a variety of events to attend … [Read more...]

Old Post Road Park Ride

Last week we spent some time hiking at Mount Nebo State Park. Trying to make the most of time off from the day jobs we took our mountain bikes with us. Our plan was to ride the Bench Trail at the park but since we had already spent some time on that trail during our visit and a few weeks ago for a race, we opted for making a stop and riding the trails at Old Post Road Park in Russellville on our … [Read more...]