Northwest Arkansas Mountain Biking – Staying in the News

You may have noticed a plethora of news articles on the growth of Northwest Arkansas as a mountain biking destination. We figured we'd share a couple more that just came out this week. Bentonville and the rest of that corner of the state are becoming nationally world renowned for their beautiful trail systems, food, beverage options, and year-round outdoor recreation opportunities. Here are two … [Read more...]

Exploring the Razorback Greenway – Part 2…

...maybe it's cooler if we head north. (Read Part 1) After arriving back at the hotel late in the afternoon and taking showers, we spent the next hour or so just enjoying the air conditioning. We couldn't stay there all night, we needed some calories and we needed them soon. Although we liked the access to the Razorback Regional Greenway Trail offered by our hotel near the interstate, our … [Read more...]

Details on the Slaughter Pen Jam this Weekend

Slaughter Pen Jam has become a full blown festival complete with music, food, demonstrations, runs and of course bikes. Here is some more information on the 2014 version happening this weekend. We'll be there all weekend taking it all in. Even if you can't make all three days, plan to be there for some of the events on Saturday or the racing on Sunday. It's going to be a grand time in Northwest … [Read more...]

The Epic Ride was…well, Epic

The Epic ride from Bentonville to Missouri is aptly named. Portions of the 35-mile loop present challenges to even the most experienced riders, while Mother Nature almost always does her part to give the ride more "personality." Take, for example, the New Year's Day Epic ride this year. Riders braved freezing temperatures with a constant downpour of sleet and snow to finish the loop. Many of … [Read more...]

Phat Tire Cyclocross or BMX?

It was still dark when we left Little Rock for the cycling paradise that is Bentonville, Arkansas. Who would have thought twenty years ago that the home of Walmart would become such a great cycling town. Bike lanes and paths are springing up everywhere. They also have a world-class off-road cycling park, Slaughter Pen. The Slaughter Pen Park consists of mountain bike trails of all skill … [Read more...]

Filling My Bucket

Last February, Arkansas Outside contributor, Sarah Miller, wrote an article on trail karma for us. It was a excellent reminder that as trail users we all have a responsibility to help maintain the wonderful trails throughout our state. This Summer I began racing in the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series for the first time. I did okay on my first race and was able to to finish all races so … [Read more...]

Blowing Springs and a Run Across the Border

By contributor and fellow Bike Nerd, Chris Randle. This past weekend I had to take the wife to Fayetteville to see her close friends and to get her hair done. (Extremely boring for me, but I am an awesome husband.) Luckily for me, Robert Kirby, Spokes’ NW Arkansas team member had a weekend of good riding planned out. I should start by saying that I hurt my back pretty bad on Wednesday doing … [Read more...]