Fatbiking in California: could the cycling trend be as big as snowboarding? | Travel | The Guardian

...or you could come to Arkansas and ride any mountain bike, any time of year. #justsayin' Fatbikes – so named because of their comically thick tyres – are the latest trend in cycling. They look like the monster trucks of the biking world and are designed for riding on surfaces you’d think would be impossible to cycle on, such as sand and, in particular, snow. Which is not to say they make … [Read more...]

How to Not Drive Like an Idiot This Winter | Outside Online

This seemed like a good time to share this, or actually, last week would have been a good time to share this but you probably wouldn't have paid attention to it then. The social media world is all abuzz today in Arkansas with jokes about our inability to deal with a light snow but, as this article shows, this is a problem across the country. So take in this story and try to prepare for the next … [Read more...]

6 Arkansas Winter Destinations

We asked our readers where they want to be when Winter finally hits. Arkansas Winters can vary from snow and ice extremes to highs in the 60's. Either way, Arkansas offers it's own Winter beauty with big views, cool, quiet hollows and cold evenings perfect for enjoying a nice campfire or cabin fireplace. There were 6 destinations you chose as the best in Arkansas and they range from cabins with … [Read more...]

Ice and Slush a Syllamore Trail Run Tradition

Thirteen miles into a sixteen mile run on icy, slushy, muddy, sloggy trail I proclaimed to my running partner Tina, "this trail has given us everything but dry". She responded with "yes, everything... especially beauty." That shut down the need to wallow in my misery, if only for a few moments. She was absolutely right. The weather forecast the week prior to the race may have fluctuated … [Read more...]

Arkansas State Cyclocross Championship – 2013

It was just a week before when much of Arkansas was hit with an arctic blast. Snow, ice, wind, cold arrived and as hard as it was to believe, the calendar said was still Autumn. Normally, when we get hit with this kind of weather, within days we forget that it even happened; the temperature rises quickly, frozen precipitation melts and gives way to moderate days. Not this time. A full 10 days … [Read more...]


It's a cold, wet, wintry day in Arkansas. The sleet/rain/snow is keeping the dogs inside for now. We're being slugs, sitting around watching television while we still have power. The tree limbs are bending at the added weight the ice brings, and a commercial comes on, an oatmeal commercial. Actually a Quaker Oats commercial and it has everything. I don't usually wax on about commercials … [Read more...]

Winterize Your Workout

On a chilly morning last week, the workout of the day at the gym was a circuit including running outside. It was a small crew that morning at 5:30 a.m. and 2/3 voted to alter the workout so they wouldn’t have to brave the cold air. I could have gone either way; it was in the low 30s but certainly not so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t or couldn’t run short distances outside. I wondered, had the … [Read more...]

A Little Snow in Arkansas Today

I was able to grab a few pictures in the snow at Mount Magazine State Park this morning. They had  fires going in the lodge fireplaces and lunch was awesome. (I recommend the burger). Welcome to Arkansas! … [Read more...]

First Snow of the Year

Photos by Arkansas State Parks, Jan 10, 2011 [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.983624&w=425&h=350&fv=host%3Dpicasaweb.google.com%26hl%3Den_US%26RGB%3D0x000000%26feed%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fpicasaweb.google.com%252Fdata%252Ffeed%252Fapi%252Fuser%252FARStateParks%252Falbumid%252F5560661643980717393%253Falt%253Drss%2526kind%253Dphoto%2526hl%253Den_US] … [Read more...]

Ouachita Trail Sign

Party preparations, snow, work and other commitments kept Lisa and I inside or otherwise busy for the past week. Saturday, a few hours before the party we had been planning, we decided to head out to a trail. Being short on time, we decided on fast hiking part of the Ouachita Trail, north of Lake Maumelle. We had time to hike in for an hour and then come back out. The combination of snow, mud and … [Read more...]