Summer is Coming

I was wearing jeans and a sweater on May 22nd, and that isn't surprising. After all, springtime temperatures can be unpredictable. A mere three weeks later and we have entered that phase when the temperature has two readings, hot and hotter. What does an athlete, especially one in training for late summer and early fall events do when the temperatures reach boiling? Hydrate, work out in the early … [Read more...]

Water, water….everywhere

Looks like a good time for a float... Shortly after the Whitewater Canoe & Kayak School on the Mulberry River a few weeks ago, several intrepid kayakers and open boaters took to a first run on the Cossatot River. Thanks to Jeff Gannon for this video from the float. cossatot first timers show 2014 from Jeff Gannon on Vimeo. Also, Kayak Arkansas and Arkansas Outside contributor, … [Read more...]

How to Spend the Last Day of Summer Vacation

Three things came together this weekend that created a once in a lifetime experience: a float on the upper Buffalo National mid August. First-  for us August is a time to back off the Arkansas Outside push for awhile, time to spend a couple of weekends with the family and catchi up on chores around the house. It's the short rest we need before we dive into the craziness of outdoor … [Read more...]

A Slice of the Good Life

It doesn't get much better than a cold slice of watermelon on a hot day.  The Watermelon Festival in Hope is a chance to enjoy all things watermelon.  It has been around for 37 years.  Equally as impressive is the Watermelon 5K, which has been part of the event schedule for the same amount of time.  The Melonvine Striders make sure you remember Hope, as you take part of it with you. The … [Read more...]

But Mom, it’s HOT outside!

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.” That has been quoted so many times, from Ann Landers to Lou Holtz, I have no idea whom to credit. But I think it’s appropriate for the story of a late summer camping trip at the lake. With temperatures in the upper 90s to triple digits and high humidity, it’s a perfect time to go camping for a family reunion. Right? While July is always a “hot” month … [Read more...]