Heart Breaker and Soul Shaker

Heart breaker soul shaker I've been told about you Steamroller midnight shoulder What they been saying must be true - Nazareth Nope, doesn't make much sense to me, but back in the day we screamed it. The rest of this post won't make much sense either but doing cyclocross in the dark one night and mountain biking on the rocks first thing in the morning doesn't make much sense either. Making … [Read more...]

Smoke-N-Suds Weekend Part 1

I caught myself saying to someone this weekend that cyclocross it the best spectator cycling sport. Is that really true? Could it be? Tight, short courses do lend themselves to easily witnessing the action. It doesn't take much of a walk to cover the entire course for most events. Also, watching cyclists race what looks like a road bike on dirt adds a bit of the "that's different" feeling to the … [Read more...]

Here Comes Cylocross!

It's been a long wait since the last cyclocross race in these parts. But they are back this weekend with the CX equivalent of a double-header. Both races are very spectator friendly so come out and enjoy the insanity. Saturday night you'll have the opportunity to kick off the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cylocross Series with a night race at Kanis Park (I-630 and Rodney Parham Rd). Experience racing … [Read more...]

Let’s Make Some Noise

The nights are cooler, cold fronts are starting to come through the Natural State bringing rain and cloudy days. For some it's time to head inside and take refuge from the elements. For others it's time to enjoy the soul cleansing properties of mud and grit. Time to fight back against the elements with nothing more than a skinny-tired bike and good friends. It's time for CYCLOCROSS. What is … [Read more...]

You’ll need an umbrella and….

We are counting down the days to the start of the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series. Make sure to mark your social calendar for one of the greatest sports series happening in the Natural State. First Race is Saturday night October 13. Cyclocross Cowbell from ArkansasOutside on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Once more into the mud!

UPDATE: Results are now available at Arkansas Cyclocross Blog! I've really enjoyed covering the 2011 Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Race Series (last week) (week before last) the last few weeks. Of course I missed most of the season but I was able to get a good taste during the three races I attended, a muddy, dirty, gritty taste. It was wonderful. Maybe next year I'll get a better taste by … [Read more...]

2011 Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race, Little Rock, Arkansas

Temperatures in the 50's (Fahrenheit), steady rain for the past 12 hours, a hilly, muddy course....perfect for a day of cyclocross!  I roll up to the race area at Boyle Park in Little Rock. It was raining and showed no signs of letting up. I was wondering if we would have many racers for this one. They showed. Cyclocross racers are a hardy bunch who seem to thrive on weather that others would … [Read more...]