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A Little Taste of Home

What does it feel like to hit a rocky trail, to climb and descend over and over again for 31 miles? What does it feel like to get up the

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Ozark Outdoor Supply Spring Hiking Ad
The view from the White River Bluff Loop.

Help Arrives for the Injured Epic

The Syllamo (S?l’-l?-m?) Mountain Bike Trail five miles north of Mountain View in Stone County, Arkansas, consists of a series of interconnecting loops offering mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners

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Video from Syllamo’s Revenge

We had several video cameras set up among the rock gardens near the bluff of the White River Bluff Loop on Syllamo’s Revenge and 125. It’s a beautiful area with

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Gudrun Mountain Bike Festival
A racer making adjustments on the final decent of the White River Bluff Trail.

Syllamo’s Revenge 2013

(Update: We now have video posted from the race…Enjoy.) I have a cruel streak, I’ll admit it. It may be why I enjoy covering cyclocross races so much. In fact,

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Early on the trail of the 50 mile race on Saturday.

3 Days of Syllamo – 2013

I have always wondered what kind of person runs this race.  Do they do it for the challenge?  Are they determined to accomplish this feat regardless of the circumstances and

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3 Days of Syllamo Preview

Three Days of Syllamo is the only stage race hosted in The Natural State.  For some it is a yearly pilgrimage to the land of the unknown, Arkansas.  Last year,

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An Afternoon Quickie

While shooting the Syllamo’s Revenge this year I attached a video camera to a tree across the trail just to see what I got. I got a lot of mountain

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Scott from Team CARVE working through a rock section on the 125K.

Syllamo’s Revenge 2012

This year we were able to cover and/or participate in all four races in the Arkansas Marathon Mountain Bike Series. First we had the Spa City 6 Hour race at

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