We Can All Use A Boost

When we are out and about in the Arkansas Outside Mobile Office, a Toyota Tacoma tricked out for adventure, we often find ourselves in areas with weak or non-existent cell phone coverage. We understand that for many, heading out into the Arkansas wilderness is an escape from the shackles of technology. Unfortunately for the AO team, we often need to remain connected so we can share these special … [Read more...]

Use Fitness Apps in 2018…but Use with Caution, says Bryant Physical Therapist

Here at Arkansas Outside, we enjoy using apps and other technologies to set goals and document our success...and failures. We typically have some sort of Garmin or Fitbit device attached to our arms and bikes and linked to apps in our smartphones for verification of effort, but all things in moderation. Here are some tips on using apps and devices to assist with your goals. (from media … [Read more...]

Eight Great Apps for Fat Tire Enthusiasts

In a world filled with apps that allow you to turn your phone into a flute or launch birds at seemingly endless levels of pigs, it is refreshing to know that there are people out there developing applications that make it easier for users to get outside and down to the important business: mountain biking. The following is my list of the eight essential apps for mountain bikers. Some are … [Read more...]

Electronic Trainers

I often rail against modern conveniences that make us sedentary. I feel a little twinge of contempt for the seemingly healthy person using the ADA button to open a door or taking the elevator up one floor or driving around a parking lot waiting for that spot that is two spaces closer to the front door of the mall. I think most of this contempt stems from guilt. Guilt for spending so much of my day … [Read more...]