John McDonnell Expects Something Out Of You

We dodged the cold misting rain to find the Go! Running  store bustling with people, most standing in line with a book tucked under an arm. They were waiting for their turn to have a word with the winningest coach in NCAA history. John McDonnell came to the University of Arkansas in 1972 when the University didn't even have a track. Athletes had to run at the High School track for practice and the … [Read more...]

Meet the Legend: John McDonnell

The Most Successful Coach in NCAA History. - Exclusive, one-day only signing of new book in Little Rock - Buy the book. Meet the man. Get the Autograph. Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 * Noon - 4pm  * Go! Running    John McDonnell:  The Most Successful Coach in NCAA History. "Buy the Book.  Meet the Man." Only... at Go! Running. Little Rock, AR (March 18, 2013)- … [Read more...]

Olympic Feats

I grew up in a family that watched the Olympics religiously every four years. I even remember one year watching the Summer Olympics on a black and white television set in the driveway getting a signal from an antenna while I painted the garage door. Yes, I'm that old folks and yes, television was available without a monthly payment to anyone back then. Things change. I also spent most of my … [Read more...]