5 Ways to Keep Mountain Bike Trail Systems in Prime Riding Condition

Just posted on the Walton Family Foundation Blog, this article hits home to all trail users. Please check with your local trail maintenance group to find out how trail conditions in your area are managed. On any given weekend, you’re likely to find Charles Williams astride his mountain bike, speeding down the singletrack trails of Slaughter Pen in Bentonville, Arkansas, navigating switchback … [Read more...]

Leaf it Be?

Few things spark controversy among trail maintenance organizations like broaching the subject of blowing leaves off hiking and mountain biking trails. As predictable as the change of seasons, each Autumn I can count on various Facebook feeds, chat rooms and discussions over beers at the local brewery turning to should you or shouldn't you blow leaves off the trails. My initial answer to the … [Read more...]

Filling My Bucket

Last February, Arkansas Outside contributor, Sarah Miller, wrote an article on trail karma for us. It was a excellent reminder that as trail users we all have a responsibility to help maintain the wonderful trails throughout our state. This Summer I began racing in the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series for the first time. I did okay on my first race and was able to to finish all races so … [Read more...]

Enter Here!

Now that the new Two River's Bridge is open and cyclists are taking to the roads between Two Rivers Park and Pinnacle Mountain State Park and beyond it seemed time to do a little addition to the Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. For those wanting to ride from town out to the park to ride the mountain biking trails the one and only trailhead for the Jackfork was located … [Read more...]