You Want to Live Here…or at Least Visit

A couple of videos came into focus for me during the past couple of days. One promoting the mountain bike lifestyle that can be had in Northwest Arkansas (thanks to the OZ Trails website). The second came from the city of Little Rock based on a the Travels with Darly television show. This one shows a lot of the reasons I enjoy living in the capital city. Arkansas has really changed the last … [Read more...]

A Little Recognition Feels Good But…..

...sometimes it means so much more. Every year the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)  looks over applications and makes site visits to trails and communities around the world; I refer to this as the best job in the world. They do this to highlight the best trail systems and places to ride mountain bikes. Most of the general public, even many mountain bikers, are not familiar … [Read more...]

8 Adventure Dates in Arkansas

Arkansas has an abundance of romantic getaways, places where couples can wine and dine, maybe enjoy a walk or a movie or a play or a museum. But some of us like a little adventure with our romance; unique experiences to be shared with someone special that might even involve a little sweat or dirt or both. Arkansas has us covered for that kind of romance too. Here are 8 ideas, just to start with, … [Read more...]

The Satisfaction of Microadventuring

I checked my annual leave hour balance and thought to myself, how can this be? Last year's plan for a 10 - 14 day journey to Yellowstone never happened, in fact there was not a trip lasting more than 4 days outside of Arkansas. If not for a college open house weekend, we could only count a couple of much welcomed trips to see in-laws in Alabama in the tally of ventures outside the state. Before I … [Read more...]

Bring’em On

Things are tough all over. I know this because they say so on the news all the time. Businesses closing, layoffs, too much food, not enough food, it's all very depressing. Over my many years on the planet, I've been in the middle of a bunch of it. But I remain optimistic. Sure, I'm one of those really annoying, "glass is half full and I know where we can get more water kind of guys". But even I … [Read more...]

Bicycle Boy

Last weekend I got my first chance to ride over the new Clinton Library Park Bridge. It was a wonderful ride. On the North Little Rock side I came across a bronze statue of a boy on a bicycle. It was an interesting thing to see, obviously not permanently in place but fitting as a welcome from the North Little Rock area to the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge. I took a photo of it, my wife Lisa and … [Read more...]

Does Virtual Adventure Count?

I had to go out of town for a couple of days so Lisa stepped up again with another great blog post. I think the heat has been getting to her but you be the judge. This summer has been a hot one. Not normal hot, but hot like “I baked a pizza on the sidewalk” hot. As such, our outdoor adventures have been curtailed a bit. While it’s true we had a week long camping trip in June and another long … [Read more...]

Connected in Arkansas

“Tug on anything at all and you'll find it connected to everything else in the universe.” John Muir I recently relented to travel out of state for vacation. We take a lot of short vacations/long weekends in the state. We enjoy camping, hiking, cycling, backpacking, floating and basically exploring throughout the Natural State. But usually, once a year or so we head out into the rest of the world. … [Read more...]

Traveling Back in Time, To The Future…Maybe

Sorry about that, I just channeled an 80's comedy/science fiction movie. On the other hand, it is kind of true. This past weekend I had the chance to visit some of my old stomping grounds, New Orleans. I was tagging along on one of my wife's business trips. We had the opportunity to stay in a wonderful old hotel in the French Quarter. She had business things to take care of on two of the days so … [Read more...]

When things go just slightly wrong

Our guest writer Lisa is a glutton for punishment and wanted to do another blog article. She was inspired by the recent Boy Scout incident at Albert Pike Recreation Center and how they did everything right.  This week one of the big news stories in Arkansas was about a Boy Scout troop from Louisiana that hiked in a part of the Albert Pike Recreation area that flooded last year, killing 20 … [Read more...]