Water-Logged USA Triathlon Off-Road Nationals a Success | DirtTRI

We couldn't make it to the Off-Road Triathlon Nationals at Iron Mountain this year but here is a great article from Dirt Tri Magazine. Similar to last year, massive rains mixed things up for the athletes. But unlike last year, the rain came on race day this time around. Athletes fought their way through rain, mud, thunder, and amazing single track as they completed a 1500m swim, 32km … [Read more...]

Perfect Weather to Tri

Back in 1985 I did my first triathlon. It was hard, it was fun, but life got busy and I didn't give myself the opportunity to do another one until the late 1990's when I got the itch again. The triathlon that called me out of hibernation was the CATS triathlon at Lake Beaverfork in Conway. Over the years I competed in the race several times, my daughter once did it as part of a relay and we've … [Read more...]

Mighty Mite Memory Lane

1984, Forest City Arkansas, was the start of something special. Of course, the sport of triathlon had been around for a few years. The true infancy of the sport of triathlon in the state of Arkansas started a year of so earlier than 1984. But the Mighty Mite came on the scene and its staying power is well known. The real male pioneers of the sport in Arkansas had names such as Robert Jacuzzi, Rick … [Read more...]

The Dirty Tri

As the racers entered the water they were reminded how lucky they were. "Two months ago it was 110 degrees for a triathlon here, today it's only 55 degrees, exactly half as hot," race director Fred Phillips said over the bullhorn. Those who were at this race last year probably remember it being below 40 degrees when they entered Lake DeGray for the first leg of the DeGray XTERRA Sprint and Epic … [Read more...]

Tri at Toad Suck

I first lined up to compete in the Toad Suck Tri about 10 years ago, back when it was just the CATS Sprint Tri. I did the race a couple of times over the years and my daughter did it once as part of a relay. It was smaller back then with just the sprint triathlon as the only event of the day. It was also the first race where my wife, Lisa, yelled, "hurry up and finish so we can go home," she's … [Read more...]

Couch to 5K meets TriArkansas

I am currently trying to get myself back in shape, or some form of it.  My Couch to 5k program is in full swing, and I am entering week 5 of 8.  Sunday while doing my run/walk program I had a lot of time to think.  I also got so hot and winded by the end of my 30 minute program that I thought I was going to puke.  It was pretty hot and humid, but not quite as bad as the conditions of the past … [Read more...]

Mad Dogs and Triathletes

Although a lot of racing in Arkansas slows down a bit in the steam of August, there are some intrepid competitors not afraid to wade through the thick air of the dog days to challenge themselves and others, triathletes. Maybe it's because they start with a swim that the moisture laden air actually feels welcoming or maybe the schizophrenia of doing three types of racing in one event creates a "Mad … [Read more...]

Tri to Beat the Rain

They lined up along the walls of the concrete tunnel, the darkness at the end of the hallway would be their entry to athletic stardom. Jittery with anticipation, some had their swim goggles in place. Perhaps it was to shield others from seeing the game plan in their eyes, perhaps it was just a sign of readiness. Let's get this party started!  They had already laid out their towels, parked their … [Read more...]

Windstream Communications to Sponsor Arkansas Triathlon Series

Windstream Communications, a leading provider of advanced network communications and a FORTUNE 500 company, has partnered with DLT Event Management to become the Presenting Sponsor of the Arkansas Triathlon Series which contains 10 races.  The Windstream Triathlon Series started with the first race in Hot Springs Village on May 18 and concludes with the final race on Oct. 19, 2013 in … [Read more...]

Can an Epic become more Epic?

It can if it joins forces with other epics. Last October we headed down to DeGray Lake to cover an XTERRA triathlon organized by DLT Event Management. An XTERRA is an event similar to a regular triathlon except instead of the cycling and running being done on the road, they are done on dirt trails, in this case the Iron Mountain Trails near the DeGray Lake Dam. Starting at the Iron Mountain … [Read more...]