2nd Annual David’s Trail Endurance Run

The Course Offering distance options of 7, 25 or 50K, David's Trail Endurance Run (link) is a race for everyone from those new to trail running to veteran ultramarathoners. The 7K course is also the starting route for both the 25 and 50K runs. Rocks, roots and short punchy single track climbs in and out of small ravines dot this part of the course. For the 25 and 50K runners, it is followed by … [Read more...]

Sleeping like Bears

"I'm going to sleep like a bear tonight" was the last thing AO contributor and friend Justin Cloar said to me after his 6:54 finish at the Ouachita Trail 50K. I returned good wishes for his peaceful hibernation, hoped the same for myself, and said goodnight. Instead of a peaceful night of deep slumber, I was awake at 1 a.m. watching Big Bang Theory and again at 4 a.m. eating Pad Thai and watching … [Read more...]

Ouachita Trail 50 Mile Race, A Cyclist’s Perspective

When I was in high school I was in Junior ROTC which required a regular Physical Fitness Test (PFT).  The PFT involved running 2 miles as fast as you could and maxing out sit-ups, push-ups  and pull ups.  I can still remember 30 years later how I hated the 8 laps around the football field to complete the two mile run requirement.  It was so painful.  But as we get older we learn, right…???? On … [Read more...]

Ouachita Trail 50 – 2013

In the early morning darkness, the flashlights and headlamps bobbing through the parking lot, a hundred and fifty odd runners plus their support teams, families and friends milled about collecting race bags and bib numbers and waiting for Race Director and Queen of all things Ouachita 50 Chrissy Ferguson, to give her expletive punctuated pre-race instructions. Basically, stay on the trail, watch … [Read more...]

19th Annual Sylamore 25k/50k Run

(Special Thanks to Arkansas Outside friend, Nicholas Norfolk for reporting on the Sylamore 25K & 50K this year.) Early Saturday morning, fog provided cover as I made my descent into town. Sylamore is held in Allison, AR about 6 miles north of Mountain View. Both races started from Anglers Restaurant, which is conveniently located at the confluence of the White River and Sylamore Creek. … [Read more...]