Running Out

(Book Review) Endurance athletes consistently battle their own boundaries preparing for competition whether in race situations or with the records they keep of their own performances. What happens when that battle becomes one of life or death? What happens when an athlete needs the performance of a lifetime not to beat the clock or to get the belt buckle, but to save his family? In Dave … [Read more...]

Did You Say Race Across Arkansas?

Guest Writer Yoni Johnson gives us the story of the Foxy Moxie Running Mavens “What did you do to your leg?” I’m asked as I hobble around in the boot. With a sheepish grin, I reply “I ran across Arkansas.” It all started with those famous last words bravely said by every runner embarking into uncharted territory. “Sure! Why not?” It was my answer to the question posed by Andi Stracner … [Read more...]

Bona Dea:  In the Time of “Firsts”

Welcome Guest Writer and Tie Dyed Trail Grub owner, Bill Dobbins This year’s Bona Dea 50k will always represent a multitude of “firsts” for me. Besides being the first Arctic run of the year, there were four first 50k finishes that I know about, a distance PR and a brush with running greatness.  My purpose is to tell their stories and not dwell on the cold, because even in the dreariest of … [Read more...]

Styx n’ Stones on Mended Bones

As I stood on the starting line of the Devil's Den “Styx N' Stones” 30k Trail Race, I realized it had been just over five months since I had an x-ray taken of my left fibula that revealed a complete and total fracture.  This fracture didn't happen in a car wreck or a fall from great heights, I had to work long and hard to break this bad boy over the course of many miles and thousands of foot falls … [Read more...]

Outback in the Rain and Snow

Outback in the Ozarks is a 200 mile team relay event created and directed by Kimberlee and Todd Guinn. Kimberlee participated in a relay race up in Utah like this and has been dreaming and working on this race (while raising her family) for the past 10 years. It all came together this past weekend in Northwest Arkansas. The format was very interesting: for 200 miles of Ozark Mountains, full teams … [Read more...]

Going for Distance

Hood to Coast burst onto the scene on August 7, 1982.  Known as the “Mother of All Relays,” it paved the way for several others.  The mystique and attraction to these types of events are the victories, mishaps, and unpredictability.  I guarantee any person that has been involved with an overnight relay has a story.  The vast majority of them are humorous in nature.  As the popularity of relays … [Read more...]

Sunset 6/12/24 Hour Endurance Run

How many miles or how long do you want to run?  What if I said instead of running a specified distance you could run until you decided to stop, your mind stopped you, or your body forced you to stop?  That’s exactly the type of event the Saline County Striders put on Thanksgiving weekend.  For the second consecutive race in the Ultra Trail Series, runners have found themselves pounding the … [Read more...]