The View Never Changes…

Welcome first time blogger McKenna. I wanted to get a younger voice in the blogs here and our teenage daughter was up to the task. Besides all the things she mentions doing on Saturday, she spent most of Sunday volunteering in the Kid's Tent at Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous. This Saturday was a busy day for me and my family. Hiking, housework, Hillcrest Harvestfest, and all kinds of things that, … [Read more...]

Now This is Hiking Weather

I could never resist the call of the trail. - Buffalo Bill Time to check the hiking boots for dry rot, clean the cob webs out of the backpack, start planning some big hikes. But where to go? Arkansas has some of the best hiking in the country and the trails are not usually very crowded. The evening temps are starting to set up nicely to give us some good fall color (we could use a little rain if … [Read more...]

When things go just slightly wrong

Our guest writer Lisa is a glutton for punishment and wanted to do another blog article. She was inspired by the recent Boy Scout incident at Albert Pike Recreation Center and how they did everything right.  This week one of the big news stories in Arkansas was about a Boy Scout troop from Louisiana that hiked in a part of the Albert Pike Recreation area that flooded last year, killing 20 … [Read more...]

Spring Break Backpacking Trip (Part 2)

Okay, where did I leave off? Oh yes, waking up on a glorious day in the Ouachitas. We slept pretty well the previous night and got a slow start breaking camp. I think it's actually easier to get moving when you don't sleep well. We had a good breakfast of oatmeal to fill us for the climbs we were in for today. Remember from Part 1 we did one climb the night before and we had 5 more to go today … [Read more...]

Spring Break Backpacking Trip (Part 1)

We lost count on stream crossings somewhere around 15 to 20 early in the first day. The sandals got a lot of use. It was a great three day, two-night trip. I had wanted to backpack the Eagle Rock Loop in the Ouachita Mountains for years. It is one of the few overnight loop trails in the state and at 27 or so miles long it would make for a nice long weekend. My wife and son had been wanting to … [Read more...]