A Talk with Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks

Some of you may remember that during the International Mountain Bicycling Association World Summit, held in Bentonville, AR last year, Seth Alvo of Seth's Bike Hacks visited and did a few videos. You'll see that Seth quickly picked up on the mountain bike friendliness of Northwest Arkansas. Video from the visit last November This Spring, Seth came back. This time to check out some of our old … [Read more...]

‘The Canoe’: A Film Celebrating the Simple Joy of Paddling | Outside Online

The canoe, a preferred mode of adventure in Arkansas, come dip your paddle... The canoe may be the most iconic watercraft of all time, so it's easy to understand why filmmaker Goh Iromoto paid homage to this vessel in his recent film, The Canoe. The story is told from the perspective of paddlers across Ontario and underscores the connection between the human spirit and paddling canoes. As an avid … [Read more...]

Arkansas’ Scary Places – Halloween Hauntings

It's pretty well known that around the Arkansas Outside International offices, strategically centered here in the middle of the state, Halloween reigns supreme. We tend to outdo the rest of the street in spooky yard art, we usually throw a ridiculous party and we tend to drag it out into November with the Day of the Dead celebration. If you are so inclined to scare yourself silly, the Arkansas … [Read more...]

10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Do

This video from the folks at Filme von Draussen claims ten things that every mountain biker should do or should have done, a bucket list of mountain biking experiences. Watch the film and let us know in the comments what might be missing from the list and which experiences you've already enjoyed. 10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.  Now for the … [Read more...]

Wise Words from an American Adventurer

Over 50 years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mount Everest. In his own words, he did not conquer Everest, "You never conquer a mountain. Mountains can't be conquered; you conquer yourself."  You've probably read his most famous quote in a meme or on a t-shirt, "If you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much space." His biography is titled A Life on the … [Read more...]

Video Proof of the 2013 Cyclocross State Championships

You read yesterdays article on the last race of the official Arkansas cyclocross season...you may have even scrolled through the hundreds of photos of the epicness of this grand event... you might have even been there in Rogers, AR, cheering on the racers. What you didn't get was the color commentary from the Belgian announcers that those at home watching live through a complicated assortment of … [Read more...]

Black & Blue Trail Marathon

Memphis is not known for its abundance of trails; however, it is home to some talented trail runners.  It’s a phenomenon that can’t be explained.  Trying to figure it out will leave you more discombobulate than before.  My advice is to accept it as you do that the wind exists. As a result of not having many trails, Shelby County is lacking when it comes to trail races.  Memphis trail runners … [Read more...]

Why I Ride

A great vibe video for hump day. Tell us why you ride in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you. Oh, and not to leave out the runners and paddlers out there...let us know why you run, float, hike, climb.  Check out how you can when a free mountain bike trip from the folks at Sacred Rides. And here are some photos to share around. … [Read more...]

Video from Syllamo’s Revenge

We had several video cameras set up among the rock gardens near the bluff of the White River Bluff Loop on Syllamo's Revenge and 125. It's a beautiful area with very technical riding. If you weren't able to clear the section during the race you'll see here that you weren't alone. I picked the music based on its similarity to local music played throughout Stone County and the surrounding … [Read more...]

Video from River Trail 15K

We now have the video from the Arkansas River Trail 15K, thanks to all who came out, talked with us and made it another fun event, special thanks to Erik Heller for setting it all up. Check out the YouTube video from the race! For the rest of the story and a link to more photos, read last Monday's article. … [Read more...]